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A knowledge portal focused on providing information on what is happening latest in Hollywood as well as the latest in Bollywood, our blogs are majorly focused on celebrity information, celebrity news, sports news, and biography of famous personalities. Our gem writers believe that reading about the life stories of famous personalities of world inspires people, which is also now become our goal to provide accurate, insightful, and valuable information which consists of an inspiring as well as a motivational touch to all our valuable readers.

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Why did we choose the name Save Daughters for our knowledge portal, well we all know that not only in India but around the world there are numerous countries where till today education of girls is still a debatable matter in families because of finances and which is why they are unable to showcase their talent to the world. Our mission is to provide girlchild education by generating revenue from providing insightful information to our readers on famous personalities of world which works as an inspiration to many of our readers, and we are able to promote girls education and empowerment.