Singer Aaron Carter found dead in the bathtub!

08 Nov, 2022 Last Update 3 months ago
08 Nov, 2022 Last Update 3 months ago

On Saturday Aaron Carter, the American singer was found dead in the bathtub at his residence in Lancaster, California.


The singer was 34 years old and his fiance Melanie Martin confirmed the news by stating to TMZ that her fiance is no more, she will be raising their son, and please respect her privacy.

What happened to Aaron Carter?

Aaron Carter Death Cause

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Aaron Carter’s house sitter found his body in the bathtub Saturday morning and called the authorities.


Law enforcement received a 911 call at 11 am on Saturday stating that a male has drowned in a bathtub. Authorities were dispatched to the scene where no information or evidence of homicide was found by the investigating team.

Possible Death Cause

Aaron Carter was very clearly struggling with an addiction to huffing compressed air, and investigators found evidence of compressed air cans at the site of his death.


Huffing is a term for illegally inhaling chemical vapors. When someone huffs something, they use their nose or mouth to inhale the substance.

About Aaron Carter’s Son

Aaron Carter Death Cause

Aaron Carter named his son Prince Lyric Carter, this was a tribute to Michael Jackson who was also known as the Prince of Pop.


Aaron Carter’s son Prince was born in November 2021. When Prince was born Aaron Carter's fiance underwent an emergency cesarean section following 13 hours of labor.


What was Aaron Carter’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Aaron Carter’s estimated net worth was $400,000 at the time of his death.


Why “Aaron Carter Twitter” was trending before his death?

Aaron Carter Death Cause

The incident is prior to the untimely Aaron Carter’s death, as for months Aaron Carter was in beef with the rapper Kayne West over controversial statements that he posted on his social media and the 'White Lives Matter” t-shirt that he wore at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year.


Aaron Carter made a public attempt to reach the rapper on Twitter despite knowing the fact that the rapper is banned from the social media platform.


Below is the screenshot of the Tweet by Aaron Carter and the reason for “Aaron Carter Twitter” being trending.


Aaron Carter FAQs

  • Aaron Carter

Ans - Aaron Charles Carter (December 7, 1987 – November 5, 2022) was an American singer and songwriter. He came to fame as a teen pop singer in the late 1990s.

  • Aaron Carter death

Ans - Aaron Carter, a former child pop singer and younger brother of Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter, has died, a source close to the family told CNN.

  • Aaron Carter's death cause

Ans - Troubled singer Aaron Carter was found “unresponsive” in a bathtub by a staff member after he died of what friends suspect was drug addiction.

  • Aaron Carter's death news

Ans - Hollywood is mourning the death of Aaron Carter. The singer was 34. Among those to share heartfelt tributes was Hilary Duff who dated him when they were young teenagers.

  • Aaron Carter’s net worth 2022

Ans - The estimated net worth for 2022 after his death is 400 thousand dollars (USD).


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