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Today we are going to provide you with a complete Aliya Noor Dancer Biography as her name is seen over the trending news on social media from time to time because of her dancing skills, and the achievements she has made in her dancing career from a very young age. In this blog, apart from Aliya Noor Dancer Biography, you will other details like Aliya Noor Dancer education, Aliya Noor Dancer career, Aliya Noor Dancer age, Aliya Noor Dancer height, Aliya Noor Dancer boyfriend, Aliya Noor Dancer parents, and Aliya Noor Dancer, so read this blog till the end.

Who is Aliya Noor Dancer? - Aliya Noor Dancer Biography

Aliya Noor Dancer Early Life - Aliya Noor is a Pakistani dancer, actor, and model who was born and raised in Bahawalpur, Pakistan before she went to Lahore, Pakistan to chase her dreams of being a professional dancer in the entertainment industry. At present, she is a well-known dancer in Pakistan and around the world because of the Tik-Tok videos which she uploads frequently, and she has a good number of followers on her Tik-Tok ID - lovelykha232. Aliya Noor Dancer biography states that she has impressive dancing skills by which she captivates the hearts of her fans through her performances, and now let us discuss Aliya Noor Dancer education as well as Aliya Noor Dancer career.

Aliya Noor Dancer Wiki

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Aliya Noor Dancer Education

According to Aliya Noor Dancer biography on Save Daughters, she was born and raised in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, where she did her schooling at a private school, from her early school days she developed in dancing, and enrolled in dancing classes to develop her skills. Though it is known that Aliya Noor Dancer parents showed resistance initially, as they wanted her to focus on her studies more, she remained passionate about her dreams and continued to focus on developing her dancing skills along with managing her studies.

Later she did her graduation from Punjab College for Women, Bahawalpur, though information about the stream in which she attained her Bachelor’s is not known, at college also she actively took part in dancing at various events and functions that also helped her in developing her choreography skills which she presently portrays from her dancing and training others. If you want to read about Aliya Noor Dancer parents who initially showed resistance earlier and now themselves are fans of her dancing then read this blog till the end.

Aliya Noor Dancer Education

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Aliya Noor Dancer Career

According to Aliya Noor Dancer biography on Save Daughters, after completing her education she went to Lahore, Pakistan to begin her dancing career, in Lahore she trained with renowned dance teachers to enhance the dancing skills that she learned when Aliya Noor Dancer age was very young and during Aliya Noor Dancer education at Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Her professional career as a dancer started quickly in Lahore as she gained recognition for her talent and skill from her video content that she started sharing on her social media handles, since then she has performed in numerous dance shows and participated in dance competitions in her home country as well as in abroad.

In addition to her career as a dancer, Aliya Noor dancer is also a choreographer who has choreographed dance routines for various shows and events, she also appeared in several music videos and television commercials that are increasing her popularity and fanbase around the world along with Aliya Noor Dancer net worth. Now read about her Aliya Noor Dancer achievements, Aliya Noor Dancer age, and Aliya Noor Dancer height.

Aliya Noor Dancer Biography, Career, Education, Parents, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Instagram


Aliya Noor Dancer

Full Name

Aliya Noor


Pakistani Dancer, Actor, and Model

Marital Status


Relationship Status





Between 23 to 28 years old

Date of Birth

Will be updated

Birth Place

Bahawalpur, Pakistan

Father & Mother Name

Mr. Noor (Father)

Mrs. Noor (Mother)


Names not known


Bahawalpur Private School


Punjab College for Women, Bahawalpur




5′ 5″ approx


56 kg approx


No information

Eye Color

Hazel Color

Hair Color

Black Brown Color


Will be updated







Source Of Income

Pakistani Entertainment Industry

Net Worth

Not calculated



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Aliya Noor Achievements - Aliya Noor Dancer Facts

  • Aliya Noor Dancer was awarded the Best Dancer Award at the Lux Style Awards in 2019, which is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the Pakistani entertainment industry.
  • She is best known for her versatile style of dance, which includes a mix of classical and contemporary dance forms, her performances are often characterized by fluid movements, impressive footwork, and captivating expressions.
  • Aliya Noor Dancer has been recognized for her contributions to the dance industry in Pakistan and around the world.
  • She wants to establish herself as one of the top dancers in Pakistan by collaborating with other renowned dancers and choreographers to create innovative as well as unique performances that showcase the richness and diversity of Pakistani dance culture.
  • Aliya Noor Dancer's journey from being a young girl who was passionate about dancing to being on this list of Pakistani top dancers is an inspiration to many young girls who aspire to become a dancer as they believe that it is an art just like Aliya Noor Dancer believed.

Aliya Noor Dancer Age

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Who are the Parents of Aliya Noor Dancer? Aliya Noor Dancer Parents

According to Aliya Noor Dancer biography on Save Daughters, details about Aliya Noor Dancer parents are following, Aliya Noor Dancer father name is Mr. Noor and Aliya Noor Dancer mother name is Mrs. Noor, their first names are not shared by her as she does not want her parents and siblings to be bothered by fans and the press with her increasing popularity.

Does Aliya Noor Dancer have a Boyfriend? - Aliya Noor Dancer Boyfriend

Being a famous personality always makes fans wonder about their love life, same is with Aliya Noor Dancer as many fans want to know whether she is single or someone lucky is there who is Aliya Noor Dancer boyfriend. So let us tell you that, she is currently single and is not involved with anyone in a relationship because she just wants to keep her focus on her dancing career.

Aliya Noor Dancer Boyfriend

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What is the Age of Aliya Noor Dancer? - Aliya Noor Dancer Age

As of 2023, Pakistani Pakistani dancer, actor, and model Aliya Noor age is between 23 to 28 years old, there is no confirmation of her age from her side as she has not revealed when her birthday comes, which is why we have given a fair idea to you according to her appearance.

What is the Height of Aliya Noor Dancer? - Aliya Noor Dancer Height

Pakistani dancer, actor, and model Aliya Noor height in feet is 5 feet and 5 inches tall approximately and she carries a very attractive body personality.

What is the Net Worth of Aliya Noor Dancer? - Aliya Noor Dancer Net Worth

As the career of Pakistani dancer, actor, and model Aliya Noor has just started, Aliya Noor Dancer net worth is not yet calculated by any official source, but seeing her achievements, it is clear that she has earned a good amount to support her parents. If you want to see her social media accounts, then the links are given below.

Social Media Accounts of Aliya Noor Dancer


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FAQs About Aliya Noor Dancer

Q.1 Who is Aliya Noor Dancer?

Ans. Aliya Noor Dancer is a Pakistani dancer, actor, and model.

Q.2 How old is Aliya Noor Dancer?

Ans. Aliya Noor Dancer age is between 23-28 years old.

Q.3 What is Aliya Noor Dancer Net Worth?

Ans. Aliya Noor Dancer’s net worth is not calculated yet by any official sources.

Q.4 What is her real name?

Ans. Her real name is Aliya Noor.

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