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Andrey Makarevich Net Worth:- Andrey Makarevich is a well-known Russian musician and songwriter. Nowadays everyone is searching for him. If are you searching for the same then this is a great platform to get full information about his life. We have also given other information about him. This blog includes Andrey Makarevich Wikipedia, Andrey Makarevich Net Worth, Andrey Makarevich Age, Andrey Makarevich Wife, Andrey Makarevich Parents, and others. Read this blog to know more about him. 

What is Andrey Makarevich Net Worth?

Andrey Makarevich Net Worth:-  Andrey Makarevich is a well-known Russian musician and songwriter, best known as the lead singer and co-founder of the rock band "Mashina Vremeni" (Time Machine).

So his net worth is estimated at around $4.5 MillionIf you read the rest of the blog you will know better about him. If you are interested to know more about him then read this blog further. We have given each and every detail about him.

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Andrey Makarevich Net Worth/Salary



Net Worth

$4.5 Million

Last Year Net Worth

$4.5 Million

Andrey Makarevich News

Russia has blacklisted rock legend Andrei Makarevich for his opposition to the Ukraine war. Makarevich told Russian RTVI that despite being wrongfully blacklisted by the Russian government for opposing the war and horrors in Ukraine, he was not going to do anything about it. He referred to the blacklisting as "stupid." "Look, you're spending your life battling these windmills. I believe it was simply a matter of time.

Those they name foreign agents have nothing to do with the concept of "foreign agent" because they are neither "agents" nor "foreign," according to the Russian musician. "They just stigmatize undesirable people," Makarevich remarked. The music star questioned Russians for "embracing" Putin's war and the Latin letter "Z" that Russians use.

“Before the hostilities started, before people started dying, I could fully understand that people can hold different views of the same thing. But when it suddenly turned into war, and someone shouts, ‘Right on!’ -- then I just cross this person out,” Makarevich said.

Who is Andrey Makarevich?

Andrey Makarevich Wikipedia:- Andrey Makarevich is a well-known Russian musician and songwriter, best known as the lead singer and co-founder of the rock band "Mashina Vremeni" (Time Machine). He was born in Moscow to a Jewish mother, tuberculosis expert and microbiologist Nina Markovna Makarevich (née Shmuylovich, 1926-1989), and a Belarussian father, architect and Moscow Architectural Institute teacher Vadim Grigorievich Makarevich.

Makarevich grew up idolizing the English musical band The Beatles. Mashina Vremeni, a rock band influenced by Western rock and blues, was formed in 1969. He is the singer and guitarist for the band. While all of the members contribute to the band's music, Makarevich is the only one who writes lyrics. Mashina Vremeni had a significant impact on the development of rock music in the Soviet Union.

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Andrey Makarevich Personal Information

Real Name

Andrey Vadimovich Makarevich

Nick Name

Andrey Makarevich


Singer, composer, writer, television host, producer, poet, graphics artist.

Year Birth

11 December 1953


Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union




69 years old


Not mentioned


Not mentioned





Andrey Makarevich Wife:- If you are searching for Andrey Makarevich Wife then let us tell you he is divorcedTo know more about them read this blog further.

Andrey Makarevich Wife, Children

Andrey Makarevich family

Relationship Status


Past Relationship


Ex. Wife Name

Natalya Golub

Anna Rozhdestvenskaya

Alla Golubkina

Elena Glazova

Andrey Makarevich Children

Evan Makarevich (Son)

Dana Makarevich (Daughter)

Anna Rozhdestvenskaya (Daughter)

Andrey Makarevich Career

Career highlights include:- Mashina Vremeni was founded in 1969, during the Soviet era, by Andrey Makarevich. The band is regarded as one of the forefathers of Russian rock music. Their music combines rock, blues, and folk elements, and their lyrics frequently reflect Russia's social and cultural developments through the years.

Makarevich's lyrics and singing style have had a considerable influence on the Russian music landscape. His intelligent and creative lyrics have struck a chord with listeners of all ages. Makarevich has made solo albums and cooperated with different musicians on numerous projects in addition to his work with Mashina Vremeni. His solo work frequently explores many musical styles and subjects.

Makarevich is not just a musician, but also a cultural figure in Russia. He has been active in a variety of creative and social activities, making him a well-known and important figure in Russian society. Andrey Makarevich has been politically active and outspoken about a variety of social and political topics throughout his career. He has utilized his position to fight for subjects he is passionate about.

Makarevich's artistic endeavors include visual art and photography, in addition to music. His artistic abilities go beyond music, adding to his varied artistic presence. Makarevich and Mashina Vremeni have received numerous prizes and distinctions for their contributions to Russian music and culture.

Andrey Makarevich Solo Releases

Solo Releases:- "Andrey Makarevich" (1982): Makarevich's self-titled first album included a collection of his early solo pieces, such as "Lilacs" and "The Road."

"Salt" (1995): Makarevich's second solo album, "Salt," displayed his songwriting abilities with songs such as "Swan" and "Salt."

"Anthology" (1997) was a compilation of Makarevich's solo songs, including some previously unpublished material.

"Strange Times" (2004) contained a combination of rock and folk-inspired songs, including "Orange Evening" and "Autumn in Syktyvkar."

"True Stories" (2011): Songs on this album included "True Stories," "Drunken Tango," and "Russian Embrace."

"Winter Song" (2014, film): Makarevich's "Winter Song" was a collection of winter-themed compositions, including "Winter Road" and "Snowfall."

"Stories of Time" (2018): In this album, Makarevich presented a collection of new songs, with tracks like "Dandelion Clock" and "Stories of Time."

Andrey Makarevich Notable Literary Works

Andrey Makarevich, well-known for his contributions to Russian rock music, has also dabbled in literature, providing readers with peeks into his life and artistic journey through various novels. While he is not a prolific author, he has written a few notable books that reflect on his experiences as a musician as well as his thoughts on music, culture, and the obstacles faced during the Soviet era.

"Mashina Vremeni: Rock & Roll for the KGB" (1991) - Makarevich presents a personal account of the difficulties and tribulations faced by rock artists in the Soviet Union in this book, providing a unique viewpoint on the junction of music and politics at that era.

"Vremena: Zametki o Muzke i Ne Tol'ko" - Makarevich explores the diverse world of music and its significant impact on his life, as well as broader cultural concerns, in this collection of articles, anecdotes, and personal experiences.

"Makarevich: Slova I Muzka" (2015) - Makarevich integrates his song lyrics with intelligent commentary in this work, providing readers with an intimate view into the creative process behind his music and the stories behind his songs.

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Andrey Makarevich Family


Vadim Makarevich


Nina Makarevich



Grand Parents


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FAQ About Andrey Makarevich

Ques.1 What is the name of Andrey Makarevich Father?

Ans. The name of Andrey Makarevich father is Vadim Makarevich.

Ques.2 What is the age of Andrey Makarevich?

Ans. The age of Andrey Makarevich is 69 years old.

Ques.3 What is Andrey Makarevich profession?

Ans. Andrey Makarevich is a Singer, composer, writer, television host, producer, poet, and graphics artist.

 Ques.4 What is Andrey Makarevich Net Worth?

Ans. His total net worth is estimated at around $4.5 million.

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