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Annie Lennox is also named among the richest musicians in the world in 2023. Singer Annie Lennox has praised the unique choreography for Eurythmics hit 'Sweet Dreams'. Annie Lennox was full of praise for the Canadian dance duo Funknometre. This article is about the younger American actress Annie Lennox, Annie Lennox is a Scottish singer-songwriter, political activist, and philanthropist. This article covers Annie Lennox Net Worth, Age, Family, Net Worth, and Instagram details. So read on to get all the details about your famous celebrity.

Annie Lennox Net Worth

Annie Lennox Net Worth: The net worth of Annie Lennox is increasing day by day. She made a lot of money in a short period of time, which helped him grow in popularity. Her fortune has been amassed through her successful construction and development firm, Sta Source. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the estimated net worth of Annie Lennox in 2023 is around $65 million, which is equivalent to 5,35,40,82,500.00 in Indian Rupees. If you are aware of Annie Lennox Net Worth then move ahead to know her age, Annie Lennox children, and much more about her.

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Who Is Annie Lennox? Annie Lennox Wikipedia

Annie Lennox Wikipedia

Annie Lennox Wikipedia: - Ann Lennox OBE is a Scottish singer-songwriter, political activist, and philanthropist. After enjoying moderate success in the late 1970s as part of her band The Tourists, he and fellow musician Dave Stewart went international in the 1980s with their Eurythmics. Success. According to the BBC, she appeared in the music video for her 1983 single Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) with her short orange hair and a men's business suit. Eurythmics' later hits included "There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)" and "Here Comes the Rain Again".

Annie Lennox Biography - Annie Lennox Date Of Birth

Annie Lennox Biography: - Annie Lennox was born on Christmas Day 1954 in Aberdeen, Scotland. She is the daughter of Dorothy Farquharson (nee Ferguson; 1930–2003) and Thomas Allison Lennox (1925–1986). In the 1970s, Lennox won a place at the Royal Academy of Music in London, where he studied flute, piano, and harpsichord for three years. She lived on a student grant and worked part-time jobs for extra money. While at the Royal Academy, Lennox was displeased with the comparison to her contemporary students and doubted her talent, and deliberated in which direction he might go.

Annie Lennox Education: - Annie Lennox played and sang with some bands such as Windsong during the duration of her course. In 2006, the Academy made him an Honorary Member. Lennox was also named a Fellow of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama that year.

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Annie Lennox Husband - Annie Lennox Marriage

Annie Lennox Husband

Annie Lennox Husband: - Annie Lennox was currently married her husband’s name is Mitchell Besser and her ex-husband's name is Uri Fruchtmann (m. 1988–2000), Radha Raman (m. 1984–1985). We are trying our best to give you the information about her personal life. If you want to understand more about Annie Lennox's parents, then continue reading to know more about the name Annie Lennox Net Worth. Keep reading this Blog to know more about Annie Lennox parents and age details.

Annie Lennox Age - How old is Annie Lennox?

Annie Lennox Age: - Annie Lennox was born on 25 1954 in Aberdeen, Scotland, and her Age as of 2023 is 68 years. If you want to know more about Annie Lennox Net Worth, and age, then read this article the way through.  

Annie Lennox Height

Annie Lennox Height: Annie Lennox’s height is 5 Feet and 5 Inches. Annie Lennox's Height in centimeters is 165 Cm and her Height of Annie Lennox in meters is 1.65m. If you find information about Annie Lennox marriage interesting, then keep reading this page for more such unique information about Annie Lennox.

Annie Lennox Daughter - Annie Lennox Spouse

Annie Lennox Daughter

Annie Lennox Daughter: - The mother of two says losing her first child changed her life and inspired her to fight for vulnerable women who don't have access to childcare. It was a 'great loss' in 1988 when their son Daniel was born stillborn. Annie Lennox has two daughters named Lola Lennox and Tallie Lennox.

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Annie Lennox Net Worth, Husband, Wikipedia, Bio, Parents, Age, Daughter

Real Name

Ann Lennox

Nick Name

Annie Lennox


Singer, Chancellor for GCU, songwriter, activist, humanitarian ambassador

Organization founded

Sing campaign

Years active  


Figure Measurements




Marital Status


Husband Name

Mitchell Besser

Ex-Husband Name

Uri Fruchtmann (m. 1988–2000)

Radha Raman (m. 1984–1985)


Lola Lennox, Tali Lennox


68 years old


5 Feet 7 Inches, 175 Cm & 1.75m.


60 kg

Date of Birth

25 December 1954

Birth Place

Aberdeen, United Kingdom


Aberdeen High School for Girls, now Harlaw Academy


Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama




Agnostic and a Feminist




Thomas Allison Lennox (Father)

Dorothy Lennox (Mother)


Not Known

Net Worth

$65 million INR 5,35,40,82,500.00




Annie Lennox Song Career

Annie Lennox Song Career: - In 1976, Annie Lennox was a pied piper with the band Dragon Playground, before appearing on the ITV talent show New Faces. From 1977 to 1980, she was the lead singer of the Tourists, a British pop group, and her first collaboration with Dave Stewart. Lennox and Stewart's second collaboration, with 1980s synth-pop duo Eurythmics, culminated in her most notable fame as the duo's soulful lead singer.

Early in her Eurythmics career, Lennox was known for her androgynous persona, wearing costumes and impersonating Elvis Presley. Eurythmics released a series of hit singles during the 1980s, including "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" (number one in the US and number two in the UK), "There Must Be an Angel (Playing)", Are. Although Eurythmics never officially disbanded, Lennox formally parted ways with Stewart in 1990. After that, she started her solo career.

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What Is Annie Lennox's Net Worth In 2023?

Annie Lennox is a Scottish singer-songwriter, political activist, and philanthropist. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the estimated net worth of Annie Lennox in 2023 is around $65 million.

Who Are Annie Lennox's Parents? - Annie Lennox Parents

Annie Lennox Parents

Annie Lennox's Parents: - According to public records, Annie Lennox is married. Annie Lennox's Parents: - Annie Lennox's parents' name is Thomas Allison Lennox (Father) and her mother's name is Dorothy Lennox. Both of Lennox's parents had died of cancer. Will update you with accurate information as soon as possible. It is below if you want to see some information or their social media accounts.

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Annie Lennox Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, And YouTube

Annie Lennox Instagram feet are quite famous. Annie Lennox has more than 1 million followers and she posts adorable and gorgeous pictures out there. You can check her social media accounts for more complete details. Visit Annie Lennox's official Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and YouTube accounts. For those who do not have an account on a certain platform, we have added a link to the official website of the platform.


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FAQ About Annie Lennox

Q.1 Who is Annie Lennox?

Ans. Annie Lennox is a Scottish singer-songwriter, political activist, and philanthropist.

Q.2 How old is Annie Lennox?

Ans. She was 68 years old.

Q.3 What is Annie Lennox Net worth in 2023?

Ans. Her net worth is $65 million.

Q.4 What is Annie Lennox Height?

Ans. Annie Lennox Height is 5 ft. 7 inches (175 Cm).

Q.5 What is Annie Lennox's husband's name?

Ans. Her husband’s name is Mitchell Besser and her ex-husband's name is Uri Fruchtmann (m. 1988–2000), and Radha Raman (m. 1984–1985). 

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