Are Taylor Swift's Parents Divorced? Andrea Swift and Scott Swift

07 Feb, 2024 Last Update 5 months ago

Her parents' names are (mother) Andrea Swift and (father) Scott Kingsley Swift. Andrea and Scott Swift married on February 20, 1989, and have two amazing children: Taylor Swift (born December 13, 1989) and Austin Swift (born March 11, 1992). Andrea and Scott were together for over two decades until their relationship began to deteriorate, eventually leading to their divorce in 2011.

Despite their separation, it is no secret that they have shown a lot of love and support for their daughter and her music career over the last decade. This was all happening at the height of Taylor's career, as she was on her way to becoming the singing phenomenon we all know her to be today.

Taylor's parents were separating and divorcing as she prepared to go on her Fearless concert tour. One can only imagine how Taylor felt during the tour, believing it was her fault when it wasn't.

Taylor's mother, Andrea, accompanied Taylor on her Fearless tour, leaving her father, Scott, behind. The distance placed a burden on Andrea and Scott's marriage, especially since they were already experiencing problems. Scott attended several of Taylor's gigs to see her perform and give out guitar picks to admirers in the audience. However, Scott has always been less active in her work than Andrea has been.

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What happened with Taylor Swift's parents?

What happened with Taylor Swift's parents?

"Both of my parents have had cancer," she said in part, going on to elaborate on her mother's illness but not on her father's. Andrea was identified with a brain tumor while receiving cancer treatment, according to Taylor, who told Variety in 2020.

What do Taylor Swift's parents do for a living?

Before becoming full-time loving parents to one of the world's most famous music artists, Scott and Andrea Swift worked in finance, Scott as a stockbroker (and eventually as a vice president for Merrill Lynch), and Andrea as a marketing manager at an advertising firm.