Cat Janice Ethnicity, What Kind of Cancer does Cat Janice Have?

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Cat Janice Ethnicity: - If you want to know about Cat Janice's ethnicity, you are in the right place. Check out Cat Janice's ethnicity and his full biography right here. Cat Janice was a singer and songwriter. This blog includes Cat Janice Ethnicity, Cat Janice Wikipedia, Cat Janice Husband, Cat Janice Age, Cat Janice Parents, What Kind of Cancer Does Cat Janice Have? Is Cat Janice Zionist Or Jewish? Cat Janice Religion, and others. Read this blog to know more about her.

Cat Janice Ethnicity

Cat Janice Ethnicity:- Ethnicity describes a group's identity based on perceived cultural distinctiveness. So we can see what race Cat Janice belongs to. According to our most recent research, Janice was a multiethnic American. John Ipsan, her father, was of Turkish origin, while Stacy Ipsan, her mother, was of Irish and Italian descent.   

Who was Cat Janice?

Cat Janice Wikipedia: - Born in Northern Virginia on January 20, 1993, Cat Janice showed an early passion for music. With a blend of rock, jazz, and blues elements, Cat Janice's music has been compared to those of well-known performers like Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, and Adele. Her 2018 breakthrough album "In The Waking" and her two following EPs, "Pricey" (2019) and "White Shoes" (2020), brought her recognition and awards, including the 2019 Washington Region Music Award for Best Rock Artist. Notably, in 2020, the well-liked Netflix series "Selling Sunset" included her song "Pricey." Four days after entering hospice care, Cat Janice posted her song "Dance You Outta My Head" on TikTok on January 19, 2024.

Who was Cat Janice? 

Cat Janice Death

Cat Janice Death: - Sarcoma is an uncommon and deadly kind of malignant tumor, and Cat Janice, 31, lost her battle with it on February 28, 2024, after a valiant and lengthy battle. Read further to know that what kind of cancer does Cat Janice has.

What Kind of Cancer Does Cat Janice Have?

The singer Cat Janice passed away. She gained notoriety after dedicating her final song to her kid. The 31-year-old was fighting cancer of the sarcoma. Janice noticed a bump in her neck and was later diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare disease affecting the soft tissues and bones. Janice had chemotherapy and surgery to remove the tumor.

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Cat Janice Personal Information

Real Name

Catherine Janice Ipsan

Nick Name

Cat Janice


Singer, songwriter

Date of birth

January 20, 1993

Birth Place

Virginia, U.S.


31 year old







How old was Cat Janice?

Cat Janice Age: - Cat Janice was born on 23 March 1972 in Paris, France. Her age as of 2024 is 51 years old. Read further to know about Cat Janice Husband.

Is Cat Janice Zionist Or Jewish? Cat Janice Religion

Though Cat never openly acknowledged her religion or views, there are indications that she was a Christian. On the other hand, other internet users assert that Cat Janice was pro-Semitic or even converted to Judaism.

Who was Cat Janice Husband?

Cat Janice Husband: - Acknowledging her limited time, Janice tied the knot with her partner, Kyle Higginbotham, in December 2023. They had been dating for a number of years before getting engaged in August 2023. Cat had a supportive and loving partner in Kyle during her fight with cancer. In addition, he assisted her in raising her son Loren, the product of a prior relationship, who was born in 2017. Janice dedicated her final song, "Dance You Outta My Head," to Loren, the source of her happiness. We will let you know after getting news about her Husband.

Who was Cat Janice Husband?

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Cat Janice Husband and Children


Kyle Higginbotham

Husband Age


Past Relationship

Not Mentioned

Husband Net Worth

$1-2 Million


One child

Who are Cat Janice Parents?

Cat Janice Parents: - John and Stacy Ipsan, her parents, were both employed as geologists and engineers. Her mother was a coastal geologist, while her father was a geospatial information scientist.. If you are reading Cat Janice Parents so keep scrolling this blog to know Cat Janice Net Worth.

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Cat Janice Family


John Janice


Stacy Ipsan


Not known



What is Cat Janice Net Worth?

Cat Janice Net Worth: - Cat Janice's diverse career and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others have cemented his place as a renowned figure in the worlds of beauty and philanthropy. Cat Janice Net Worth was $1-2 Million dollar.

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FAQ About Cat Janice Ethnicity

Ques.1 What was Cat Janice Ethnicity?

Ans. Cat Janice was of mixed ethnicity.

Ques.2 What was Cat Janice's real name?

Ans. Her real name was Cat Janice.

Ques.3 What was Cat Janice's husband's name?

Ans. Cat Janice husband's name was Kyle Higginbotham.

Ques.4 What was Cat Janice Net Worth?

Ans. Her total net worth was estimated at around $1-2 million.

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