Drone Prathap Caste, (Bigg Boss Kannada 10) Net Worth 2024

25 Jan, 2024 Last Update 1 month ago
25 Jan, 2024 Last Update 1 month ago

Drone Prathap Caste: - Drone Prathap is an Entrepreneur and Scientist. Apart from this, we have also given many other information about him in this blog. If you read this blog then you will know about Drone Prathap net worth, Drone Prathap parents, Drone Prathap Death, Drone Prathap caste, Drone Prathap personal life, Drone Prathap Wikipedia and many other related content.

What is the Caste of Drone Prathap? - Drone Prathap Caste

Drone Prathap Caste:-Talking about Drone Prathap's caste, He belongs to the Hinduism religion. His father, Marimadaiah, and his mother, Savitha. Do you want to know more about Drone Prathap? So we have provided Drone Prathap caste, net worth, wiki, biography, career, height, weight, photo, family, circumstances, car, salary, age, facts, and other details in this article.

Who is Drone Prathap? Drone Prathap Biography

Drone Prathap Biography: - Drone Prathap was born on June 15, 1998, in Mandya District, Karnataka. He finished his early education at the Jain International Residential School in Bangalore. He enrolled in JSS College of Arts, Science, and Commerce in Mysore, Visakhapatnam, to complete his degree. Prathap became known as India's "Drone Boy" after being recognized by the Cosmopolitan Club in Bangalore. The title gained popularity on social media platforms as he started to help others with his related to technology ideas.

Prathap's approach involves collecting electrical trash from places like as Mumbai and Mysore, which aided his attempts to make technology more readily available and ecologically friendly. If you read this blog then you will know about Drone Prathap net worth, Drone Prathap parents, Drone Prathap Death, Drone Prathap caste, Drone Prathap personal life, Drone Prathap Wikipedia and many other related content.

Drone Prathap Bigg Boss Kannada season 10

Drone Prathap Bigg Boss Kannada season 10

The finale of Bigg Boss Kannada is getting closer. Kiccha Sudeep recently announced that the winner of the show would be revealed on January 28. Six participants made it to the final week of the competition. Drone Prathap is one of the most popular candidates in the house, and he has been targeted several times by living together for making false allegations of constructing a drone and other items.

As the grand finale approaches, host Kiccha Sudeep asks the housemates for their final desires in the house. The competitors shared their desires. Drone Prathap mentioned his desire to return home with a handmade drone. It was thought to be a beyond-reach request, but Bigg Boss surprised everyone by announcing that Prathap's self-made drone would be sent inside the house, allowing him to go out with it.

Bigg Boss has decided to fulfill everyone's wishes during the job. Drone Prathap has gone out of the home twice during the episode. Because of the contestant's large fan base, the producers assured them that he would return to the house.

Drone Prathap established contacts with almost every person on the show. Drone Prathap was admitted to the hospital just a few days earlier due to his ill health. He returned home after two days. He's now in the show's grand finale. In such a scenario, the surviving competitors expressed their opinions on Drone Prathap.

Sangeetha made clear she supports Drone Prathap and is shocked by the level of hostility and abuse he has received throughout his stay in the House. The actress mentioned she had a great relationship with Drone Prathap. Karthik commended Drone Prathap, saying him a brilliant player. Karthik additionally commended Prathap's oratory talents throughout the presentation. Although the two share a strong friendship, they have argued on multiple occasions during duties and activities. Vinay, a contestant, and Drone Prathap were never close friends on the show.

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Drone Prathap Caste, Age, Height, Parents, Net Worth, Wife


Drone Prathap

Real Name



Indian scientist, engineer, and businessman

Wife Name

Not married


25 years old

Date of Birth

January 10, 1998

Birth Place

Mandya, Karnataka, India

Father & Mother Name

Mr. Kavanagh and Mrs. Kavanagh


Not known


Jain International Residential School, Bangalore


JSS College of Arts, Science, and Commerce, Mysuru, Vishakhapatnam




5′ 9’


65 kg


No information

Eye Color

Black Color

Hair Color

Black Color









Net Worth

$1 Million



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Drone Prathap Career

Drone Prathap Career

Prathap NM, an Indian scientist, engineer, and businessman better known as Drone Prathap, created more than 600 drones out of electrical waste. Drone Prathap is well-known among the citizens of the Karnataka district of Mandya and experts throughout the world. During the recent floods in North Karnataka, he garnered attention for employing drones to bring food, water, and other relief supplies from Hipparagi Barrage to Jana Wada, an adjacent village.

In addition to various scholarships, awards, and successes. Prathap is the creator of six essential initiatives, including telegraphy in border security, data encryption in drone networking systems, traffic management, national socio-defense, auto piloted drones, and UAVs in human rescues. Keep reading this article to know more information about him.

What is the Age of Drone Prathap? - Drone Prathap Age

As of 2024, Drone Prathap age is 25 years old. If you want to know more about him keep scrolling this blog.

What is the Height of Drone Prathap? - Drone Prathap Height

Michael McLeod’s height in feet is 5 feet and 9 inches tall and he carries a very strong athletic body personality.

Drone Prathap Net Worth 2024

Drone Prathap net worth is $1 Million, and Drone Prathap parents are proud of his net worth which he has made himself. If you want to see her social media accounts, then the links are given below.

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FAQs About Drone Prathap Caste

Q.1 Who is Drone Prathap?

Ans. Drone Prathap is an Indian Scientist, Entrepreneur and Tv Personality.

Q.2 How old is Drone Prathap?

Ans. Drone Prathap age is 25 years old.

Q.3 What was Drone Prathap Net Worth 2024?

Ans. Michael McLeod net worth is $1 Million.

Q.4 What was his real name?

Ans. His real name is Drone Prathap.

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