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28 Dec, 2022 Last Update 1 year ago

Today’s news that we are covering is from Birmingham, England, where on 26 December 2022, a young footballer Cody Fisher was stabbed on the dance floor of a nightclub on Boxing Day at 11:45 p.m. GMT, which cost him his life half an hour after the horrific incident. We will provide all the details on Footballer Cody Fisher News, like what actually happened, who was footballer Cody Fisher, and all other related things. So keep on reading.

Footballer Cody Fisher (News)

Well, you cannot judge at any point what is going to happen in your life next, but sometimes things get worse. The same happened with 23 years old footballer Cody Fisher who went out on a night out with friends at a Boxing Day event at the Crane nightclub Adderley Street, Digbeth where a well-known techno DJ Marco Carola was featured, around 23:45 GMT on 26 December 2022, footballer Cody Fisher was stabbed to death on the dance floor. According to West Midlands Police best efforts could not save him and he was pronounced dead about 30 minutes later, the police officials appealed for witnesses who were there at the time of the incident to come forward and help them in finding the person behind this murder. Police officials also said that there were hundreds of people at the nightclub when footballer Cody Fisher was stabbed, a murder investigation has been launched and detectives are reviewing CCTV, and the people who were present at the club said that security was not strict as it should be.

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Who was Footballer Cody Fisher?

Cody Fisher was born in Redditch and was 23 years of age, he was a non-league footballer around Birmingham who mostly played as a left-back position and Woodrow First School sports coach. He played for Bromsgrove, Stratford Town, and Stourbridge. He also had been in the Birmingham City FC Academy along with being a trainee at Walsall according to social media and local media. Footballer Cody Fisher made 54 appearances for The Bards and started with the club in 2018.

Footballer Cody Fisher (News)

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Footballer Cody Fisher’s Girlfriend Heartbroken

Footballer Cody Fisher's girlfriend Jess Chatwin is devastated and completely heartbroken by this horrific incident that happened with her boyfriend at the Crane nightclub where he was just enjoying himself with his friends. She Tweeted that he did not deserve this, she was sorry for him and wanted him to come home, and that she loves him forever. Below is a picture of footballer Cody Fisher and Jess Chatwin along with a glimpse of her tweet.

Footballer Cody Fisher (News)

Footballer Cody Fisher Cause of Death

Although it is quite clear that it was a murder as footballer Cody Fisher was stabbed, the people or individuals who were present at the Crane nightclub were blaming the poor security of the club that led this incident to happen, as one person said that when he and his friend entered the club there were a bunch of people who were looking like they want to cause some sort of trouble, and another person said that security check was very poor as no one asked them to empty their pockets or not even checked that anyone was carrying anything suspicious or not. However, The Crane nightclub has cancelled its New Year's Eve event, and the management stated that it is doing its best in helping the police as they continue to investigate the person behind this murder.

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Common FAQs about Footballer Cody Fisher

Q.1 What was footballer Cody Fisher?

Ans. Cody Fisher was a non-league footballer and Woodrow First School sports coach.

Q.2 What was the age of footballer Cody Fisher?

Ans. Footballer Cody Fisher was 23 years old.

Q.3 Who is footballer Cody Fisher girlfriend?

Ans. The name of footballer Cody Fisher’s girlfriend is Jess Chatwin.

Q.4 What was footballer Cody Fisher cause of death?

Ans. Footballer Cody Fisher was brutally stabbed on the dance floor of a nightclub named The Crane.

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