Is Harriet Hageman’s Debate Absence Disservice to Wyoming?

Harriet Hageman News

Harriet Hageman News

Harriet Hageman News

Trump-backed Republican nominee, Harriet Hageman’s seat was denounced by the candidates for Wyoming’s Leone U.S. House when she did not show up for a debate on Thursday in Riverton, and this made the candidates call the move a complete “Disservice to Wyoming”.


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Harriet Hageman News

  • Democratic nominee Lynnette Grey Bull was not behind in attacking, he said he trying to say it gracefully but this is not only a disservice but a cowardly move too from Harriet Hageman.

  • US House debate that was hosted by Wyoming PBS confirmed to Wyoming Tribune Eagle that Harriet Hageman earlier in September was offered two potential dates for participating in the debate later to be held in October.

  • Initially, Harriet Hageman said that she is having a scheduling conflict, but later on, when she was given an alternate date for the debate, she backed off from participating.

  • Harriet Hageman’s campaign on this responded in a statement that she has traveled over 40,000 miles, had almost more than 200 events, and also spoken with thousands of voters which is an effective way of communicating. The statement also stated that the campaign team thanked the organizers for the invitation, but respectfully declines it.

  • Marissa Joy Selvig the candidate of the Constitution Party, remarked that it is very unfortunate that Harriet Hageman was not able to make it, voters of Wyoming deserve to hear from all the candidates, and death in family or health issue is not an appropriate excuse for not showing up.

  • Richard Brubaker, the libertarian candidate said he suspects that because around the time of August Harriet Hageman beat out republican Liz Cheney and after her victories in primaries, she is so overconfident that she will win the Wyoming House seat in the November elections.

  • Lynnette Grey Bull said that he also believes that Harriet Hageman has become so confident about winning the general elections that she does not feel that she is needed to share her thoughts and ideas with the voters of the Wyoming House.

Harriet Hageman News

So this is the full story about Harriet Hageman’s absence in the Wyoming House debate, the major concern which arises is whether this gesture was of disservice to Wyoming or the there was some genuine reason for not showing up for the debate, or is it what other opposing party candidates are proposing that Harriet Hageman has become overconfident over her win in the general elections scheduled to be held in November. Though, the answer to this will come out eventually when once the general elections are held and the results are declared.


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Ans - Find out the recent controversy in regard to the absence of Harriet Hageman in the debate. Read the full story. What opposition party candidates claimed.

  • Harriet Hageman disservice

Ans - The absence of Harriet Hageman in the Wyoming debate emerged as a gesture of disservice to Wyoming. Read the full news on Wyoming's disservice.

  • Hageman Wyoming disservice

Ans - Wyoming voters find the absence of Harriet Hageman as a disservice to Wyoming. Read the full news on the debate. Harriet Hageman's campaign statement.


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