Imran Khan shot at Rally, Assassination attempt on Imran Khan

Imran Khan Shoot Twitter

On Thursday 3rd November 2022, former prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was marched out in a rally which was against the Pakistan government in Islamabad when the incident happened.

What happened?

Imran Khan, former Pakistan president was fired with shots in a rally at Pakistan’s Islamabad, at the reception camp in Gujranwala town the incident took place and multiple local news channels confirmed this report.

Fawad Chaudhry leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spoke with Aaj TV in an interview after the incident and confirmed that the former Pakistan PM has been shot in the leg during the rally for protest against the government. He also mentioned that three other leaders were also injured during the shots fired at the reception camp in Gujranwala town, Islamabad, Pakistan.

According to the reports from the Pakistani media, former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan was shot in the foot when he was leading a protest march towards Islamabad. Imran Khan is safe and out of danger.

Imran Khan Shoot Twitter

More insights from the story

Imran Khan’s anti-government protest convoy came under attack in Allahwala Chowk in Wazirabad, a city in eastern Pakistan as per the reports from the authorities and officials.

A party member said on the incident that this attempt on former Pakistan PM Imran Kahn was a clear assassination, there was a lot of bleeding after Imran Khan got shot, but for now, he is stable.

Reports stated that several others in the convoy were also injured during the shots fired and there are reports of a suspect’s arrest. One of the party members reported to the Pakistani press that one person has been killed.

Other leaders added in their statements that if the shooter would have not been stopped by the people around him, he would have wiped out the entire panel of party leaders of the PTI.

Footage from the scene showed that Imran Khan was been rushed by the police authorities towards a bullet-proof vehicle from the container on which he was riding at the time of the rally when the shots were fired at him.

When the shots were fired and Imran Khan was injured in the leg he was conscious while taken to the hospital as he waived to the supporters. The hospital was in Lahore which was nearly 200 kilometres from the city capital Islamabad where an attempt of assassination on Imran Khan was done.

Some protesters came up to the street in a few parts of the country as the party leaders demanded justice and some of the other leaders tweeted about how shocking the news was and that they are happy that Imran Khan is safe.

Imran Khan Shoot Twitter

Statement of the arrested suspect

The sole suspect who was caught by the police authorities in a video statement stated that Imran Khan was misleading the people of Pakistan and he could not bear watching this. This is the only reason he killed him or tried his best to kill him and he also clearly stated that his sole target was Imran Khan and no one else.

Imran Khan Shoot Twitter

Common FAQs

  • Imran Khan shoot twitter

Answer - Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan was injured in firing during a rally. Read the full story on the news.

  • Imran Khan twitter

Answer - See Tweets about #imrankhan on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the discussion. Firing at Imran Khan's rally in Pakistan. Read more here.

  • Imran Khan firing

Answer - The former Pakistan prime minister was shot in the leg and was injured during a rally in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is out of danger.

  • Imran Khan assassination

Answer - Party leaders said the incident was a clear attempt to assassinate Imran Khan. Read the full story here and the tweets of other party leaders.

  • Imran Khan news update

Answer - The police authorities arrested a suspect who in a video statement stated that Imran Khan was misleading the public that is why he tried to kill him.