Jacob Hoggard’s Marriage Explored! Former Hedley Frontman Jailed for 5 Years!

Jacob Hoggard Wife

Jacob Hoggard News

Breaking news straight from Ontario, former singer, and songwriter for the Canadian band Hedley, Jacob Hoggard has been sentenced to serve 5 years in prison for a case in which he was accused of sexual interference and sexual assault causing bodily harm.


Jacob Hoggard was found guilty and accused for?

Jacob Hoggard Wife

  • Firstly, he was found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman from Ottawa in 2016 causing her bodily harm

  • Jacob Hoggard was also acquitted of sexually assaulting merely a 16-year-old fan along with the charge of sexual interference

  • Jacob Hoggard was then accused of sexual assault at Kirkland Lake, Ontario around June 2016 during an encounter that caused bodily harm to the victim

  • Lastly, Jacob Hoggard once again in July 2018 was accused of sexual assault and sexual interference involving a woman and a 16-year-old which again caused bodily harm to both victims. The trial was scheduled for November 2018 which was postponed many times and was finalized eventually in May 2022.


The Verdict

Jacob Hoggard Wife

On October 20th, 2022, Thursday, Justice Gillian Roberts of Ontario Superior Court gave her verdict on the accusation laid upon Jacob Hoggard of sexual assault and sexual interference that caused bodily harm to the victims, he was found guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison.


Other things mentioned during the verdict

Jacob Hoggard Wife

  • During the verdict being delivered, Justice Gillian Roberts added that she completely accepts the statements given by the victims.

  • The Crown requested Justice Gillian Roberts for a more strict punishment that lasts six to seven years, opposingly the defense requested for the sentence to be around three to four years.

  • The defense also stated a psychiatric report of Jacob Hoggard which suggested that he is at low risk for committing any further crime and can change himself with proper rehabilitation. On this, the Crown argued by saying that Jacob Hoggard is dangerous and should be kept in total custody without any exemptions.

  • Justice Gillian Roberts also looked at the intensity of trauma that the victims had undergone while they were sexually assaulted and sexually interfered with.

  • Justice Gillian Roberts mentioned that Jacob Hoggard has no other criminal records and has evidence of 52 letters that speak about his good character, but she also said that sentence will be proportionate to the intensity of the crime.

  • Justice Gillian Roberts has laid a 10-year ban on the possession of weapons on Jacob Hoggard and has also included him in the Sexual Offender Registry for 20 years.

  • However, Jacob Hoggard has filed a Notice of Appeal to attempt an escape from the sentence and will be scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of Appeal where he will be requesting his release.


About Jacob Hoggard's Wife and some other related facts

Jacob Hoggard Wife Jacob Hoggard Wife

When the case of former Hedly singer Jacob Hoggard came to the limelight in the public, more questions started to arise related to his personal life and relations, so below are all the details about Jacob Hoggard's wife “Rebekah Asselstine” with some other related facts.


  • The name of Jacob Hoggard's wife is Rebekah Asselstine, she is an actress and a choreographer.

  • Jacob Hoggard and Rebekah Asselstine are married since 2018, but the reports state that the two have been dating for a very long time.

  • Rebekah Asselstine was born on 27th June 1990 and was raised in the northern part of Terrace, British Colombia. There is no information on her education as well as family background, though her bio which is on IMDb states that she was adopted.

  • Rebekah Asselstine started her career as a choreographer at Sophia’s School of Dance at the age of 18, she made her acting debut with an uncredited role in the movie Restless Virgin.

  • Rebekah Asselstine is Jacob’s second wife and has a net worth of around two million dollars (USD), she gained recognition as an actress after her marriage and has appeared in movies like Charmed, Tributum, and the Unseen.


Jacob Hoggard FAQs

  • Jacob Hoggard wife

Ans - The name of Jacob Hoggard’s wife is Rebekah Asselstine, they were both married in the year 2018.

  • Rebekah Asselstine

Ans - Rebekah Asselstine is an actress and choreographer. Born on June 27, 1990, in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. See full bio.

  • Jacob Hoggard's wife Tammy

Ans - Tammy Hoggard was the first wife of Jacob Hoggard before Rebekah Asselstine, they were both married from 2006 to 2009 and Tammy is a singer as well as a Canadian internet personality.

  • Jacob Hoggard verdict

Ans - On Thursday, 20th October 2020, Jacob Hoggard was sentenced to 5 years in prison for a case in which he was accused of sexually assaulting and interfering. Read the full story.

  • Jacob Hoggard news

Ans - Read the latest news over the verdict on Jacob Hoggard. Read the full story of the case and what accusations Jacob Hoggard charged off. Sentenced to 5 years in jail.

  • Rebekah Asselstine's net worth

Ans - The net worth of Rebekah Asseltstine is estimated to be around 2 million dollars (USD).


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