A firefighter is in serious situation during a blaze at the Jenners building in Edinburgh

Jenners building in Edinburgh

On Tuesday, 23 January 2023, Jenners building in Edinburgh which is one of the oldest department stores in the world founded in 1838 until it closed down was undergoing a restoration to be made into a hotel within a time span of 4 years as planned when the basement area of Jenners Edinburgh caught fire which also injured firefighters critically. We are going to cover all the details related to the Jenners Edinburgh fire, along with the details collected from eyewitnesses and information gathered from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

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The incident began when around 11:30 fire crews as well as the ambulances and the police were sent immediately to Rose Street where one of the former oldest department stores in the world is located, according to one of the eyewitnesses, the smoke poured out of the basement area of the Jenners Edinburgh building, and this was also later confirmed by the City of Edinburgh Council leader Cammy Day when he stated that the main part affected by the fire of the Jenners Edinburgh building was the rear.

Jenners Edinburgh

Talking about the updates which we can gather from the statements released by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service along with statements from Fire Brigades Union on the Jenners Edinburgh building fire is that, Ross Haggart who is the interim chief officer of Scottish Fire and Rescue Service stated that the fire was very complex and serious, they dispatched around twenty-two fire engines to the Jenners Edinburgh building.

He also added that five of our colleagues have been taken to the hospital out of which one remains in critical condition, this was also confirmed by the Fire Brigades Union in their statement which was released officially stated that the Union was aware of the injuries to firefighters which were reported during the incident.

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In the meantime, while the brave firefighters were battling with the blazes who also got critically injured and were rushed to hospital, police officials and authorities were doing their duties as they spread all over the area of St Andrew Square to stop people entering the area where the incident happened as they were unaware along with helping the nearby offices of Jenners Edinburgh building area in evacuating their staff without causing any injuries or harm from the fire.

One of the eyewitnesses named Sarah Mullins, aged 34, who works as a manager at Wagamama in St Andrew Square told one the reporters of the BBC that she first saw the smoke coming from the back of the Jenners Edinburgh building around 11:30 and it spread so badly that they were not able to see across the square, she also added that police officials instructed them to remain inside as the smoke could have affected their lungs, lastly she stated that it is very sad that something like this happened to such an old iconic building from the history.

Jenners building in Edinburgh on fire

According to the City of Edinburgh Council leader Cammy Day, four appliances remained at the scene overnight but he also confirmed to the public that the blaze had been extinguished, he added that the Jenners Edinburgh building area will be reopened so that other businesses operations are not affected, but there are chances that transport and traffic near the scene would be affected for some time till everything is cleared out. He spoke through BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland program in which he stated that the thoughts of the whole city are with the brave firefighters who risked their lives as well as laid down the best possible effort to save the building and the people in its surroundings.

Lastly, Cammy Day was asked that is there a chance that the Jenners Edinburgh building will not survive, on this, he said that this is the subject of the surveys that are done previously and will be done in the future, but said he is hopeful that Jenners Edinburgh building will survive as the fire was blazed on the rear part of the building which can be restored.

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