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Today we will learn about Jesse Ventura's personal life as well as Jesse Ventura's wiki, biography, career, and parents. Jesse Ventura is a famous American politician, actor, and retired professional wrestler. After gaining fame in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), he served as the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. He was elected governor with the Reform Party and is the party's only candidate to win a major government office. We're learning about Jesse Ventura's job and personal life in this article. If you want more information, read this article all the way through.

Jesse Ventura Wiki

Jesse is born on 15 July 1951 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. His age in 2022 is 71 years. Jesse Ventura’s nickname is Jesse. Jesse served in the United States during the Vietnam War. He was a member of the Navy Underwater Demolition Team. After leaving the military, he began his professional wrestling career from 1975 to 1986, being named "Jesse the Body ‘Jesse". Class in 2004. In addition to wrestling, Jesse furthered his acting career by starring in films such as Predator and Running Man (both 1987). Keep reading if you're looking for a Jesse Ventura wiki or biography and want to learn more about his personal life, career, and achievements.

Jesse Ventura Wiki

Jesse Ventura Wiki- Biography

Jesse was elected mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota in 1991 and held the position until 1995. He was a candidate for the Reform Party in the 1998 Minnesota gubernatorial election and launched a low-budget campaign focused on grassroots events and unusual propaganda. Citizens were asked not to "vote politics as usual". Amid the excitement, Ventura defeated both Democratic and Republican candidates. In an internal dispute over party governance, Jesse left the Reform Party a year after his inauguration and served the rest of the Minnesota Independence Party. Since taking office, Jesse has called himself a "politician" rather than a politician.

Jesse Ventura Wiki, Wife- Relationship

Jesse Ventura is currently married. Theresa Larson Masters is his wife's name. Continue reading to find out more about his wife if you want to understand more about his relationship.

Jesse Ventura Wiki, Biography, Wife, Weight, Net Worth, Parents, Age, Height


James George Janos

Short Name


Current Age

71 years old

Profession Build

Politician, actor, author, television presenter, professional wrestler, commentator

Political Party

Green Party (2020–present) Reform Party of the United States of America

Other Political Affiliations

Independence Party (2000–2003)

Reform Party (1998–2000)

Independent (before 1998, 2003–2020)


United States (Military service)

Branch Service

United States Navy

Years of Service



Petty officer third class

Battles Wars

Vietnam War


National Defense Service Medal

Vietnam Service Medal

Date of Birth

15 July 1951

Birth Place

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.

Marital Status


Wife Name

Theresa Larson Masters

Current Net worth

USD 6 Million approx...

Height in Inches

6’ 4”

Weight in Kg

110 kg


Tyrel Ventura, Jade Ventura

Hair Color


High School

Theodore Roosevelt High School


North Hennepin Community College





Zodiac Sign







Not Known


George William Janos (Father)

Bernice Martha Lenz (Mother)



Jesse Ventura Wiki, Early Life/Career

Early Life: - Jesse was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Both his parents were World War II veterans. Jesse has an older brother who served in the Vietnam War. Her father's parents were from the Kingdom of Hungary; His mother was of German descent. Jesse was raised as a Lutheran. , he attended Cooper Elementary School and Sanford Junior High School and graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1969. Roosevelt High School inducted Jesse into its first Hall of Fame in September 2014.

Career: - After making his debut in Central America in 1975, Jesse moved to the Pacific Northwest, where he wrestled with promoter Don Owen as Jesse "The Great" Jesse. As a wrestler, Jesse performed as a heel and would often "win if you can lose, but always cheat!" Motto, a motto he put on his T-shirt. Much of his flamboyant personality was adapted from superstar Billy Graham, a charismatic and popular performer during the 1970s. Years later, as a broadcaster, Jesse made a joke by claiming that Graham stole all her Ring costume ideas from her.

Post-Navy:- At the end of the naval mission, Jesse began spending time in the "South Bay" chapter of the Mongolian Motorcycle Club in San Diego. According to Jesse, he was a full-patch member of the club and the third-in-command of its chapter. In the fall of 1974, Jesse left the bike club. In the mid-1970s, Jesse attended North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, in suburban Minneapolis. At the same time, he took up weightlifting and wrestling. He was a bodyguard for The Rolling Stones before entering professional wrestling and adopting the wrestling name Jesse Ventura.

Net Worth Of Jesse Ventura

His net worth is USD 6 Million approx...

Jesse Ventura Wiki, Parents & Siblings

Jesse Ventura Wiki

As per information, Jesse Ventura’s marital status is married. The names of his father were George William Janos (father), and Bernice Martha Lenz (mother). Not mentioned is the name of his siblings. It is given below if you want to see some information or their social media accounts.

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FAQ About Jesse Ventura Wiki

Q.1 Who is Jesse Ventura?

Ans. Jesse Ventura is a famous American politician, actor, and retired professional wrestler.

Q.2 How old is Jesse Ventura?

Ans. He is 71 years old.

Q.3 What is Jesse Ventura's Net worth?

Ans. His net worth is USD 6 Million approx...

Q.4 What is his real name?

Ans. His real name is James George Janos.

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