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17 Mar, 2023 Last Update 1 year ago
17 Mar, 2023 Last Update 1 year ago

Today we are not going to tell you about any famous celebrity or famous personality, instead, we are going to tell you about the life story of a mother named Joyce Dahmer, the reason behind this is that one of Joyce Dahmer son’s ended up being a serial killer that targeted and murdered 17 men between the year 1978 to 1991 until his arrest.

In this blog, we will provide a complete Joyce Dahmer Wikipedia that will tell about Joyce Dahmer age, how did Joyce Dahmer died, details on Joyce Dahmer mental health, Joyce Dahmer Interview, Joyce Dahmer book, and Joyce Dahmer net worth, so read this blog till the end.

Who was Joyce Dahmer? - Joyce Dahmer Wikipedia

Joyce Dahmer also known as Joyce Flint was an American case manager for the Central Valley AIDS Center until her death, she was born on 07 February 1936 in Columbus, Wisconsin, United States, she attended a well esteemed private school in her town and lastly completed a master’s in counseling from a renowned university. Joyce Dahmer mental health was not very stable when she gave birth to her sons after marriage which we will discuss later in this blog.

Talking about Joyce Dahmer husband, his name is Lionel Dahmer, he is a research chemist who is still alive and is around 86 years of age, the couple married in 1959 and their first son Jeffrey Dahmer was born on 21 May 1960, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. The family relocated to Doylestown, Ohio, in 1966 where Joyce Dahmer other son named David Dahmer was born, Joyce Dahmer husband discovered his wife’s romantic involvement with someone else in 1978, and when their first son Jeffrey Dahmer (Serial Killer) was 18 years of age the couple divorced after more than 19 years of marriage.


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According to the Joyce Dahmer Wikipedia of Save Daughters, after the divorce from her husband, she relocated to Fresno, California, with her son David Dahmer, there she had many jobs that also included managing a retirement community around the 1980s, and Joyce Dahmer husband once stated that she was not a perfect mother as she used prescription medication while carrying Jeffrey Dahmer (Serial Killer) which resulted in Joyce Dahmer mental health issues after giving birth. On the other hand, Joyce Dahmer interview had a unique tale to share which is discussed later in the Joyce Dahmer interview section of this blog.

She relocated to Fresno, California, region when her son Jeffrey Dahmer's murders were discovered and worked with HIV and AIDS patients when they were regarded as untouchable because her husband claimed that she had a phobia of germs. Even when Joyce Dahmer son, Jeffrey Dahmer was killed in prison on 28 November 1994 by his fellow inmate Christopher Scarver who beat him until death at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, at the age of 34, she continued to work.

What was the Age of Joyce Dahmer? - Joyce Dahmer Age

According to the Joyce Dahmer Wikipedia of Save Daughters, when Joyce Dahmer died, Joyce Dahmer age was 64 years old.

Joyce Dahmer Mental Health

According to Joyce Dahmer Wikipedia, she suffered from depression and was a hypochondriac (a person who fears getting seriously ill), she spent lots of time in bed and needed attention all the time because she used laxatives, and sleeping medications, which resulted in spending much lesser time with her family because of which disputes also arose time to time in between her husband and neighbors.

Joyce Dahmer was a mother who battled mental illness while raising her sons and after her son, Jeffrey Dahmer turned up a serial killer she never fully recovered from the guilt, she suffered from severe depression because of which on several occasions she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and also for alcohol abuse. After the arrest of her son she was diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia in which people get delusions, hallucinations, and other symptoms, she spent the last years of her life in a nursing home where Joyce Dahmer died, and to know how did she die, read this blog till the end.

Joyce Dahmer Wikipedia, Age, Mental Health, Net Worth, Interview, Book, Died


Joyce Dahmer

Full Name

Joyce Flint


American Case Manager

Marital Status

Unmarried (At the time of her death)

Ex-Husband Name

Lionel Dahmer. (m. 1959 - 1978)


Jeffrey Dahmer and David Dahmer (Son)


64 years old (At the time of her death)

Date of Birth

07 February 1936

Birth Place

Columbus, Wisconsin, United States

Date of Death

27 November 2000

Place of Death

Fresno, California, United States

Cause of Death

Breast Cancer

Father & Mother Name

Floyd "Rocky" Flint (Father)

Lillian Flint (Mother)


Donald Flint (Brother)


Private School


No information


Post Graduate


5′ 8″ approx


60 kg approx (At the time of her death)



Eye Color

Brown Color

Hair Color

Blonde Color




Norwegian and Irish





Source Of Income

Private Job

Net Worth

$5 Thousand



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Joyce Dahmer Interview

In 1991, after the arrest of Jeffrey Dahmer, her mother Joyce Dahmer was consulted by criminologists as society sought to understand the case of her son, as the cannibalistic serial killer was found guilty of killing 17 boys and men. Joyce Dahmer interview with MSNBC in 1993 she stated that there were no warning signals of what his son would later become no matter whether his father asserted that he was shy and timid as a child.

She remarked that she wakes up every morning that she is her mother but eventually everything pours. After her son was killed, Joyce Dahmer interview with other newspapers was upon discussions about having a notorious serial killer as a child, she always stated that she always cared for her son and it was her fault that she was not a good mother which turned his son into a serial killer.

Joyce Dahmer - How did she die?

Now, let us shed some light on how Joyce Dahmer died, so after she felt terrible for her son’s criminal activity she tried to end her life by switching on the gas oven and leaving the door open, she was found laying face down in her kitchen with a suicide note which wrote "Life has been lonely now. Please have me cremated.", eventually she survived the suicide attempt. Later, according to Joyce Dahmer Wikipedia, she passed away from breast cancer in 2000 when Joyce Dahmer age was 64 years.


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Who were Joyce Dahmer's Parents? - Joyce Dahmer Parents & Siblings

According to Joyce Dahmer Wikipedia, the details about Joyce Dahmer's parents are following, her father's name was Floyd "Rocky" Flint, her mother's name was Lillian Flint, and both of her parents had ancestors from Norway and Germany. Joyce Dahmer's sibling was his younger brother named Donald Flint who died in 2011.

Joyce Dahmer Book

As Joyce Dahmer son and American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer targeted and murdered 17 men and took photos of their corpses along with keeping Polaroid photos as gruesome souvenirs from the killings between 1978 and 1991 came to light after his arrest, a novel named "Zombie (1995)" by American writer Joyce Carol Oates was published which explored the minds of a serial killer was based on the life of Jeffrey Dahmer which is why people over the internet looks out for "Joyce Dahmer Book" to find her story also, and on 21 September 2022, Netflix also released a series named "Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" which was very much appreciated by the audience.

What was the Net Worth of Joyce Dahmer? - Joyce Dahmer Net Worth

The net worth of American case manager Joyce Dahmer was estimated at $5 thousand at the time of her death. If you want to see her social media accounts, then the links are given below.

Social Media Accounts of Joyce Dahmer


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FAQs About Joyce Dahmer

Q.1 Who was Joyce Dahmer?

Ans. Joyce Dahmer was an American case manager for the Central Valley AIDS Center.

Q.2 What was Joyce Dahmer age?

Ans. Joyce Dahmer age was 64 years old.

Q.3 What was Joyce Dahmer Net Worth?

Ans. Joyce Dahmer’s estimated net worth was $5 thousand at the time of her death.

Q.4 What was her real name?

Ans. Her real name was Joyce Flint.

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