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Today we are going to give all the details about Karen Cunningham, after hearing the name many of you might be wondering if she is a celebrity or a famous personality which is why we are writing Karen Cunningham news, but this story is about a woman who was reported missing on 02 February 2023 in the area of Woodstock, Ontario, Canada and on 03 February 2023 her body was found dead in a black car around the area. We will share every single detail about Karen Cunningham missing report along with Karen Cunningham death and death cause, we will also provide Karen Cunningham Wikipedia in which details about Karen Cunningham parents, Karen Cunningham education, and Karen Cunningham personal details are mentioned, so read this blog till the end.

Who was Karen Cunningham? - Karen Cunningham Wikipedia

Karen Cunningham was a 30 years old woman from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, she was born in the year 1992, and in between the evening time of 02 February 2023 she went missing according to the Karen Cunningham missing report provided by the Woodstock Police Service, a day later Karen Cunningham death news came in the public after which many got suspicious about Karen Cunningham missing and Karen Cunningham death. According to her social media profile Facebook, Karen Cunningham was a personal support worker at the Woodingford Lodge long-term care facility in Woodstock since 2019, if we talk about Karen Cunningham education then she attended Fanshawe College’s Woodstock campus, and her funeral was held on Saturday at Brock & Visser Funeral Home. The information about Karen Cunningham parents are not been revealed to the public by the officials as they want the Karen Cunningham family to remain at peace during these hard times, the only information we were about to gather was that she had a sister and was a loving daughter to her parents. May her soul rest in peace.

Karen Cunningham Wikipedia

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When did Karen Cunningham Missing Report filed? - Karen Cunningham Missing

On 02 February 2023, Karen Cunningham missing report was filed, in the report, it was mentioned that a 30-year-old woman named Karen Cunningham has went missing mysteriously and was declared missing by Woodstock police, and after Karen Cunningham missing report other officials were called to assist the investigation. The investigation was done rapidly by the officials after which discovery of Karen Cunningham death came into the picture, now if you want to know about Karen Cunningham death and Karen Cunningham death cause along with more deatils related with Karen Cunningham news, then read this blog till the end.

Karen Cunningham Death, Cause of Death, News, Age, Missing, Net Worth, Parents


Karen Cunningham

Full Name

Karen Cunningham


Personal Support Worker

Years Active


Marital Status


Relationship Status





30 years old

Date of Birth


Birth Place

Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Date of Death

03 February 2023

Place of Death

Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Cause of Death

Under Investigation

Father & Mother Name

Mr. Cunningham (Father)

Mrs. Cunningham (Mother)


1 (Sister)


Not known


Fanshawe College




5′ 6″ Approx


55 kg approx


No information

Eye Color

Blue Color

Hair Color

Blonde Color


Will be updated







Source Of Income

Private Job

Net Worth




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Karen Cunningham Death

After Karen Cunningham missing investigation was under the process, on 03 February 2023 around the night found about Karen Cunningham death, her body was discovered by Woodstock Police Service around the area close to Mill Street and Sixth Avenue in Woodstock inside a black Mazda sedan. According to the officials who first arrived at the spot where Karen Cunningham death was reported in the black Mazda sedan they discovered a body within the vehicle and also found out that vital signs were absent. Deputy Chief Nick Novacich told CTV News London at the scene that Sixth Avenue and Mill Street were closed for several hours while police investigated and the public was asked to avoid the area, later when all the things were cleared out from Karen Cunningham death scene the area was reopened.

What was Karen Cunningham Cause of Death? - Karen Cunningham Cause of Death

First, as the Karen Cunningham missing report was filed, her family was already concerned about the daughter of the house, soon after a day when Karen Cunningham was found, she was declared dead suspiciously as her body was found in a black Mazda sedan car, and since then everyone around the region is asking just one question which is, what was Karen Cunningham cause of death. So, the answer to this question is complicated because Karen Cunningham cause of death can be a natural one, where she underwent a cardiac arrest or stroke while driving, or Karen Cunningham death is a result of a crime that involves murder. We are keeping an eye out for you on the official statements to be released and will update the information.

Karen Cunningham Death

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What was Karen Cunningham age? - Karen Cunningham Age

Karen Cunningham age was 30 years old when she was found dead in the black Mazda sedan after a day Karen Cunningham missing report was reported.

Karen Cunningham Net Worth

The net worth of Karen Cunningham is not calculated by any public source as she is not a celebrity. If you want to see her social media accounts, then the links are given below.

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FAQs About Karen Cunningham

Q.1 Who was Karen Cunningham?

Ans. Karen Cunningham was 30 years old woman who went missing and a day after was found dead suspiciously.

Q.2 How old was Karen Cunningham?

Ans. Karen Cunningham age was 30 years old at the time of death.

Q.3 What was Karen Cunningham Net Worth 2023?

Ans. The net worth of Karen Cunningham is not calculated by any public source as she is not a celebrity.

Q.4 Where Karen Cunningham body was found?

Ans. Karen Cunningham body was discovered in a black Mazda Sedan.

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