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Today we are going to find out about Katiana Balanika's personal life also as Katiana Balanika Wikipedia, biography, career, and parents. Katiana Balanika is a very famous actress. If you would like more information, read this article the way through.

Katiana Balanika Wikipedia & Biography

Katiana Balanika Wikipedia: The birthdate of Katiana Balanika is August 23, 1949. She is an actress best known for her roles in Lysistrata, On Air, and Houligans Kato Ta Heria ap' ta niata. She studied at the National Theatre of Greece's Drama School.

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Who Is Katiana Balanika?

Katiana Balanika Wikipedia

Katiana Balanika is an Actress. She is a very famous actress. Her debut movie is Lysistrata in 1972. She attends the National Theatre of Greece school. And then she takes a degree and started acting. She is doing fabulous roles. If you want to know more information about her personal or professional life read this article to the end.

Katiana Balanika Husband- Relationship

Katiana Balanika Husband: - Whether Katiana Balanika is currently single. Her husband’s name is Steve Kaketsis. She has one child and his name is Makis Kaketsis. There is not so much information about her relationship. Continue reading to find out more about Katiana Balanika Wikipedia if you want to understand more about her relationship.

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Katiana Balanika Age, Height & Weight

Katiana Balanika is 75 years old, her height and weight are not known. 

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Katiana Balanika Wikipedia, Husband, Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Age, Children

Real Name

Katiana Balanika

Nick Name


Profession Build


Date of Birth

23 August 1949

Birth Place


Current Age


Marital Status


Husband Name

Steve Kaketsis

Current Net worth 2023

$1-5 million approx.


Not known




National Drama Of Greece


Update soon



Zodiac Sign





Not available


Not known



Katiana Balanika - Early Life/Career

Katiana Balanika Wikipedia

Early Life & Career: - A Well-known Greek actress Katiana Balanika is very famous in Greece's entertainment industry. She works in many films such as Lysistrata, in 1972 known for On Air in 2008, and Houligans Kato Ta Heria ap' ta niata in 1983.Her country of origin has not yet been stated. The only information we have about her career is this. We'll keep you informed if we find out more about her.

What Is Katiana Balanika's Net Worth in 2023?

Katiana Balanika's net worth is $ 1-5 million approx.

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Who Are Katiana Balanika's Parents?

Katiana Balanika Parents: - According to public records, Katiana Balanika is married. Her parents' names are unknown. Whether she has siblings or not is something we are unsure of. It is below if you want to see some information or their social media accounts.

Social Media Account Of Katiana Balanika


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FAQ About Katiana Balanika Wikipedia

Q.1 Who is Katiana Balanika?

Ans. Katiana Balanika is a well-known actress.

Q.2 How old is Katiana Balanika?

Ans. Her age is 72 years old.

Q.3 What is Katiana Balanika Net worth in 2023?

Ans. Her net worth is $1-5 million approx.

Q.4 What is her real name?

Ans. Her real name is Katiana Balanika.

Q. 5 What is Katiana Balanika's Husband's Name?

Ans. Her Husband's name is Steve Kaketsis.

Q.6 What is the Height & Weight of Katiana Balanika?

Ans. Her height and Weight are not known.

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