Kulhad Pizza Owner Breaks Silence After Private Video Goes Viral

21 Sep, 2023 Last Update 8 months ago

Kulhad Pizza Owner Breaks Silence After 'Private Video' Goes Viral, Brands It 'Fake'

Sehaj Arora refuted claims about his video which went viral. Do you want to know the details of this popular Kulhad Pizza owner's viral video? Then read the article below, which includes information about his wife, Sehaj Arora Work, and Sehaj Arora Wikipedia as well as detailed coverage of the story.

Who Is Sehaj Arora?

Sehaj Arora Wikipedia:- Sehaj Arora is famous as Kulhad Pizza Owner. Social media influencer Sehaj Arora has a sizable fan base on his Instagram account. His wife and he are known as the Kulhad Pizza Couple. They began their career by vending food on the street, and today they have found remarkable success and are a well-known pair. Sehaj is a native of the Jalandhar district. Many people are looking for his age, but we don't know it either as he hasn't disclosed it.

'Freshbites' was founded by Sehaj Arora. The duo worked with numerous food-related television networks. They have gained a lot of recognition thanks to their social media presence. The couple became well-known these days after a leak of their video. As a result, everyone began looking for them. Sehaj recently refuted this in his popular video. Read further to know the Sehaj Arora Wife.

Sehaj Arora Leaked Video

Sehaj Arora Video:- The Kulhad Pizza couple from Jalandhar is allegedly under heat after a private, reportedly X-Rated video became popular online and appeared to belong to them.

Sehaj Arora Leaked Video

Sehaj Arora Reaction Over Video

Sehaj Arora Reaction:- After their purportedly private video became widely popular on social media, the famed Kulhad Pizza couple from Jalandhar eventually broke their silence. According to reports, Arora found that the popular video was fake and that artificial intelligence (AI) was responsible for its creation. After being blackmailed on Instagram, he subsequently filed an FIR at Thana Number 4 in Jalandhar. The footage in question won't be made public by HOLR since it purportedly contains disturbing material.

He said “The video which is getting viral is totally fake. 15 days ago, a message came on Instagram which contained the video as well. The user in the message blackmailed me for payment or else the video will be leaked online. Deciding not to give money to any random person, I went to Jalandhar’s Police Station number 4 and filed a complaint. The Police also rounded up some people in the matter. However, I got indulged in other works and the Police therefore could not take more action. Then, suddenly the video came into the limelight and is totally fake.”

Who Is Gurpreet Kaur?

Gurpreet Arora Wikipedia:- Gurpreet  Arora is a wife of Sehaj Arora. She also owns the business "freshbitesss." The couple just had their first child. Individually, Gurpreet has a large Instagram following. Her age has not yet been determined. She stands about 5 feet 4 inches tall. Keep scrolling if you're seeking Sehaj Arora Net Worth.

Gurpreet Kaur Wiki

Sehaj Arora Net Worth

Sehaj Arora Net Worth:- Sehaj Arora's net worth will be enormous because, as you are all aware, he is a well-known online celebrity. Sehaj Arora's net worth is thought to be between $2 and $5 million. He makes money off of her Instagram and his well-known street food.

Sehaj Arora Height

Sehaj Arora Height:- Sehaj Arora is attractive and quite tall. He stands about 1.8 m, or 5 ft 11 inches, tall.