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Lonnie Frisbee was an American Charismatic evangelist and self-described "seeing prophet" in the late 1960s and 1970s. He maintained a hippie appearance. He was notable as a minister and evangelist in the Jesus movement. Many people are also taking an interest in knowing about Lonnie Frisbeewife. Here we included all the information related Lonnie Frisbee wife, on this page. Here we will discuss his personal and professional life including Lonnie Frisbee Wife, career, family, father, mother, lifestyle, and many more. All its details are listed below.

Lonnie Frisbee Wife - Who Is Connie Frisbee? - Is Connie Frisbee Still Alive?

Who Is Connie Frisbee?

Lonnie Frisbee Wife: - Loni's marital status was divorced. His ex-wife's name is Connie Frisbee. She was a devoted Christian who was also involved in several revolutionary movements. He divorced her in 1973. They divorced because Frisby's pastor had an affair with his wife. Frisbee mentioned this in a sermon delivered at Vineyard Church in Denver, Colorado, a few years before he died. Connie later remarried. Connie left the organization. Netizens want to know whether Connie Frisbee is still alive. If not, then he is not alive. If you get about Lonnie Frisbee wife and want to know more about Lonnie Frisbee wiki, bio then read ahead.

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Who Is Lonnie Frisbee?

Lonnie Frisby was an American charismatic evangelist and "seen prophet" in the late 1960s and 1970s. He maintained a hippie appearance. He was notable as a minister and evangelist in the Jesus movement. Later, he was strongly criticized for his intense meditation and heavy concentration on the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit, often by individuals in the same churches he co-founded. Frisbee also influenced many prophetic preachers, including Jonathan Land, Mark DuPont, Jill Austin, and others. Frisbee co-founded the House of Miracles commune and was its chief architect, converting many people.

He served as an evangelical preacher while privately socializing as a gay man before and during his evangelical career. He was later excommunicated from the sects due to his active sex life, first removed from leadership positions, and then eventually fired. As part of the predestination of their former churches, their work was minimized, ignored, and discredited. But since then, his positive influence has been remembered and he has become a complex figure in discussions of Christianity and homosexuality. He is portrayed by Jonathan Rumi in the 2023 film Jesus Revolution, which portrays his ministry alongside Chuck Smith and his influence on Greg Laurie's evangelism.

Lonnie Frisbee Wikipedia

Lonnie Frisbee Wikipedia

Lonnie Frisbee Wikipedia: - Lonnie Frisbee was born on June 6, 1949, in Costa Mesa, California, US. Frisbee was raised in a single-parent household and was exposed to "sketchy, dangerous characters" as a child. Frisbee's brother claimed that Lonnie was raped at the age of eight and documentarian David De Sabatino said that an incident of that nature "fragments your identity". Frisbee showed great interest. in art and cooking. As a teenager, he became involved in the drug culture as part of his spiritual quest. , and at the age of fifteen, he entered the gay underground scene of Laguna Beach with a friend. At the age of 18 he joined thousands of other flower children and hippies at the Summer of Love in San Francisco in 1967. He himself described as a "nudist-vegan-hippie".

Lonnie Frisbee Education: - he did high school education which left him barely able to read and write. If you want to know more about Lonnie Frisbee wife, then keep reading this article and know more about Lonnie Frisbee death here.

Lonnie Frisbee Death - Lonnie Frisbee Cause of Death

Lonnie Frisbee Death: - Lonnie Frisbee died on 12 March 1993 in Orange County, California, United States. He died at the age of 43.  At that time the cause of his death was said to be a brain tumor. Another source claimed that Frisbee contracted AIDS and died in 1993 from complications associated with the condition. At his funeral in Crystal Cathedral, Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel hailed Frisby as a spiritual son and said he was a Samson-like figure, He is a man through whom God did many great things, but he fell victim to his own struggles and temptations. If you want to know more about Lonnie Frisbee wife, then keep reading this article and know more about Lonnie Frisbee Wiki.

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How Many Children Does Lonnie Frisbee Have? – Lonnie Frisbee Children

Lonnie Frisbee Children: - There is no information available about Lonnie Frisbee Children. We will inform you as soon as we get information about their children. If you want to know more about Lonnie Frisbee Wife, and Age then keeps reading. 

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Lonnie FrisbeeWife, Girlfriend, Parents, Children, Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Real Name

Lonnie Ray Frisbee

Nick Name 

Lonnie Frisbee


Charismatic evangelist and minister

Years active   



March 12, 1993

Death place

Orange County, California, U.S.

Marital Status



Connie Bremer(div. 1973)




43 years old ( at the time of death)


5 feet 10 inches

Year of Birth 

June 6, 1949


Costa Mesa, California, U.S.



Ethnicity/Ethnic Background


Zodiac Sign



Not known

Father Name

Mr. Frisbee

Mother Name

Jeannette Graham


1 (brother)

Net Worth

Under review




Lonnie Frisbee Age

Lonnie Frisbee Age: - Lonnie Frisbee was born on 6 June 1949, and Lonnie Frisbee age was 43 years at the time of his death. If you want to know more about Lonnie Frisbee wife and age, then read this article the way through.  

Lonnie Frisbee Career

Lonnie Frisbee Career

Lonnie Frisbee Career: - Lonnie Frisbee 's unofficial evangelism career began as a part of a soul-searching LSD acid-trip as part of a regular "turn on, tune in, drop out" session of getting high. He often read the Bible while tripping. Frisbee left for San Francisco where he won a fellowship to the San Francisco Academy of Art. He soon met members of the Living Room Mission of Haight-Ashbury. At the time, he talked about UFOs, practiced hypnosis, and dabbled in the occult and mysticism. Frisbee converted to Christianity, and joined his first street Christian community, The Living Room, a storefront coffeehouse commune of four couples in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district started in 1967. Frisbee continued to paint detailed oils, including several missions. If you find information about Lonnie Frisbee wife interesting, then keep reading this page for more such unique information about Lonnie Frisbee.

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Lonnie Frisbee Net Worth

Lonnie Frisbee Net Worth: - Lonnie Frisbee net worth is  under review.  If you want to know about Lonnie Frisbee Wife then keep reading this article to know more such information. 

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Lonnie Frisbee Parents - Lonnie Frisbee Family

Lonnie Frisbee Parents

Lonnie Frisbee Parents: - Lonnie Frisbee Parents names were Mr. Frisbee (father) and his mother name was Jeannette Graham. His father ran away with another woman. And his mother tracked him down and married a jilted husband. Lonnie Frisbee siblings: - he had one brother. If you want to see some more information or their social media accounts, then it is given below.

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FAQ About Lonnie Frisbee Wife

Q.1 Who is Lonnie Frisbee?

Ans. Lonnie Frisbee was a well-known American charismatic preacher and self-described "prophet" in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Q.2 How old was Lonnie Frisbee?

Ans. Lonnie Frisbee was 43 years old at the time of his death.

Q.3 What is Lonnie Frisbee Net Worth?

Ans. Lonnie Frisbee net worth is yet to be updated.

Q.4 What is his Full Name?

Ans. His full name was Lonnie Ray Frisbee.

Q.5 What is Lonnie Frisbee Wife name?

Ans. Lonnie Frisbee Wife name was Connie Frisbee.

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