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To be known as the world’s oldest living person must be a different feeling, today we are going to tell you about Lucile Randon who became the oldest living person last year on 19 April 2022 after Kane Tanaka died at age of 119, she was from Japan. We are going to give details about when and where Lucile Randon died along with what was Lucile Randon cause of death. In this blog, you will also get details like what was Lucile Randon age, when Lucile Randon birthday used to come, how Lucile Randon young looked, what was Lucile Randon diet, and what the name by which she was best known, so without wasting any more time let us begin with giving details about who was Lucile Randon oldest living person and who is the oldest living person now after Lucile Randon died. If you want complete information, then read this blog till the end.

Who was Lucile Randon?

Lucile Randon was a French supercentenarian (A person who has reached the age of 110 years), though she lived more than 110 years of age and we will tell you about what was Lucile Randon age at the time of her death later in this blog. Lucile Randon was also known by the name Sister André as she was a Roman Catholic nun who as a young adult converted to Roman Catholicism, she worked as a governess, teacher, and missionary and retired when she reached the age of 75. More detailed information about her like Lucile Randon birthday, Lucile Randon Wikipedia, are mentioned further in this blog but before that read about how Lucile Randon died and what was Lucile Randon cause of death.

How Lucile Randon Died? - Lucile Randon Died

Lucile Randon Died

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The world’s oldest person till 17 January 2023 who was a french nun Lucile Randon died in her sleep peacefully at a nursing home in Toulon, France. She was living in this nursing home since 2009, Lucile Randon became blind and used a wheelchair since the early 2010s, she tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 in an outbreak at her retirement home in January 2021, and as she was asymptomatic she tested negative days before second last Lucile Randon birthday which also made her the oldest known survivor of the COVID-19 pandemic. After a french woman named Honorine Rondello died on 19 October 2017, she became the oldest living person in France, and in 2019 on her birthday Pope Francis sent her a personal letter. In 2022 when she celebrated her last birthday she received a birthday note from French president Emmanuel Macron, now coming to Lucile Randon cause of death which many of you want to know then let us tell you that she died in her sleep peacefully, except this there is no other Lucile Randon cause of death which has been reported in public. After Lucile Randon died, María Branyas Morera of Spain, aged 115 years, 321 days became the world's oldest validated living person. You might be curious why we are not telling you about Lucile Randon age, then do not worry the next section of this blog covers all about Lucile Randon birthday, Lucile Randon diet, and a few words which she shared with the world after becoming world’s oldest living person.

Lucile Randon Died, Death, Oldest Living Person, Age, Cause of Death, Wikipedia, Birthday, Net Worth


Lucile Randon

Full Name

Lucile Randon

Know By

Sister André


French Supercentenarian, Retired Nun

Years Active

1904 - 2023




Not known

Marital Status

Single (At the time of his death)




118 years and 340 days old (At the time of her death)


5′ 2″


No details


No information

Eye Color

Black Color

Hair Color

Grey Color

Date of Birth

11 February 1904

Birth Place

Alès, France

Date of Death

17 January 2023

Place of Death

Toulon, France

Cause of Death

Natural Death


Roman Catholic




Will be updated


Not attended


No information

Father & Mother Name

Paul Randon (Father)

Alphonsine Delphine Yéta Soutoul (Mother)


3 Brothers

Lydie (Twin sister - Died a year after birth)

Source Of Income

Roman Catholic Church

Net Worth




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What was Lucile Randon’s Age? - Lucile Randon Age

The oldest living person till 17 January 2023 celebrated her 118th birthday in February 2022 on which she said she was happy at her retirement home and wished to join her grandparents and brother André in heaven. On 19 April 2022 when she became the world’s oldest living person, she stated that she felt that it was a "sad honour" because she would be better in heaven but the Lord does not want her to be yet. Now, at the time of Lucile Randon death, Lucile Randon age was 118 years and 340 days, Lucile Randon birthday uses to come on the 11 of February every year and many of you would also like to know that what was Lucile Randon diet at such an age, so the answer to this is Lucile Randon diet included eating chocolate each day along with drinking a glass of wine.

Lucile Randon - Wikipedia

Lucile Randon was born on 11 February 1904 in Alès, France and Lucile Randon died on 17 January 2023, in Toulon, France, at her nursing home where she was living her retired life. She became a governess to three children when she was just 12 years of age in 1916, her work as a governess and teacher lasted until 1936, and in 1944 she joined the Catholic order Daughters of Charity where she took the name, Sister André. Lucile Randon retired from full-time work in 1979 and entered the EHPAD to care for the elderly until she was 100 years old, she moved to a retirement home in Toulon on 25 October 2009 at the age of 105. If you want to see how Lucile Randon young looked then below we have shared a picture of her.

Lucile Randon Died

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Lucile Randon Parents and Siblings

The details about Lucile Randon's parents are as follows, her father's name was Paul Randon, and her mother's name was Alphonsine Delphine Yéta Soutoul. Lucile Randon's sibling was her three elder brothers and a twin sister named Lydie, who died a year after they were born.

What was Lucile Randon’s net worth? - Lucile Randon Net Worth

If you are thinking that the net worth of the world’s oldest person would be a handsome amount, then you are wrong, the net worth of Lucile Randon was just roughly $100,000. If you want to see some more information or their social media accounts, then it is given below.

Social Media Accounts of Lucile Randon


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FAQs About Lucile Randon

Q.1 Who was Lucile Randon?

Ans. Lucile Randon was a French supercentenarian.

Q.2 How old was Lucile Randon?

Ans. Lucile Randon age was 118 years and 340 days old at the time of her death.

Q.3 What was Lucile Randon Net worth?

Ans. Lucile Randon’s net worth was $100,000.

Q.4 What was her Real Name?

Ans. Her Real Name was Lucile Randon.

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