A Pro Golfer Nearly Died! Luke Kwon Shares His Experience!

31 Oct, 2022 Last Update 3 months ago
31 Oct, 2022 Last Update 3 months ago

The trending news is hailing from Dallas, United States where recently a pro golfer hit his head to a bridge rail in a golf cart accident and went under an emergency brain surgery that saved him from being ended up in a grave.

How did the accident occur?

Luke Kwon, a pro golfer who earns his livelihood from YouTube by posting instructional videos, matches he plays against other pro players in the business, and other golf-related stuff posted a video last week. But, this time the subject of the video was not Golf at all, as Luke Kwon titled the YouTube video “I almost died (NOT CLICKBAIT)”, in the video pro golfer talked about a golf cart accident that happened last month and the overall experience he went through. Luke Kwon who belongs to Carrollton, was playing last month in an alumni golf tournament at the University of Oklahoma, he explained that after playing a tee shot he was riding in the golf cart sitting in the passenger seat while his head was sticking little far enough while he hit the head to a railing on a bridge and rattled.

Luke Kwon playing partner asked what happened, but he was not sure and moved on to playing further six more holes with a complaint of headache, though he never lost consciousness and went back to his hotel.

How was Luke Kwon rushed to the emergency?

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While getting back Luke Kwon's girlfriend asked him to visit the hospital but thinking about the bills he did not, later his girlfriend came back to the hotel and then Luke Kwon gave up. It was at this moment he was rushed to the emergency, through a CT scan it was revealed that one-fourth of Luke Kwon’s brain was bleeding and he is suffering from an epidural hematoma (deadly brain injury) that can kill him within thirty to forty minutes of time.

How did the doctors respond?

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Soon as it was discovered by the doctors that Luke Kwon has encountered a deadly brain injury they dragged him straight away to the operating theatre where the pro golfer Luke Kwon underwent emergency brain surgery.


In the hours-long surgery, the doctors removed a specific portion that was affected by the impact of the accident on Luke Kwon's skull, this resulted in the reduction of bleeding and the pro golf regained consciousness completely in a fog with a swollen skull four days later.

Support of Luke Kwon’s fans!

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Pro golfer Luke Kwon has won the hearts of many friends in the golfing world through his YouTube video and when they discovered the accident with Luke Kwon they gathered in numbers to support him financially and wished him the best of recovery. As Luke Kwon is uninsured, last week he started a “GoFundMe” to raise money for the hospital bills due to the brain injury which he figured to be around $5000, but it went up to nearly around $19000, and in less than three days Luke Kwon supporters raised $20,148 from a total number of 679 donations. On this Luke Kwon stated that it was not needed from his fans and supporters, but seeing it coming from the community helped him a lot and he thanked everyone for it.


Luke Kwon is again hail and hearty without any major long-term effects or loss of any mental or motor functions, and he is cleared to return to golf. Though, Luke Kwon says he does not remember a single shot that he played that day after the accident.

Luke Kwon FAQs

  • Luke Kwon accident

Ans - Read the latest news on the accident of Luke Kwon. A golf cart accident nearly took the life of pro golfer Luke Kwon, he shares his experience in a video.

  • Luke Kwon accident update

Ans - Kwon survived the ordeal without any major long-term effects; he's had lingering swelling for the last month, but he didn't lose any mental or motor functions. And this past week, he was cleared to return to golf.

  • Luke Kwon accident gofundme

Ans - To raise money for paying the hospital bills Luke Kwon started a fundraiser last week in which his supporters managed to collect around more than $20,000 so the bills can be paid.

  • Luke Kwon age

Ans - The pro golfer Luke Kwon is 30 years old.

  • Luke Kwon’s net worth

Ans - The estimated net worth of Luke Kwon is around 15000 dollars (USD).


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