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Today we are going to tell you about Marek Hecko Chelmsford news about Marek Hecko trial as it is one of the latest news headlines in the United Kingdom, Marek Hecko is the man who has been sentenced to jail for the murder of his ex-girlfriend’s partner back in July 2022, on Tuesday, 14 March 2023, Marek Hecko trial happened and he was found guilty of stabbing a man to death.

In this blog, we will give complete details about Marek Hecko news which will cover all the details about Marek Hecko Chelmsford who is also the murderer, as well as about Marek Hecko girlfriend, and along with details about the person who was stabbed to death by Marek Hecko Chelmsford, so read this blog till the end.

Who is Marek Hecko Chelmsford? - Marek Hecko Chelmsford Wiki & Bio

Marek Hecko is a chef from Chelmsford, he was born in 1996 in Rookes Crescent, Chelmsford, England, and on Tuesday, 14 March 2023, he was convicted of murder and jailed for 26 years in prison. The reason for Marek Hecko trial which happened was that he murdered a 44-year-old man by stabbing him to death while he was in bed with Marek Hecko girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, now without wasting much of your time let us give all the details on Marek Hecko news which also in the live trend news.

Marek Hecko Chelmsford News

The story of this murder began last year in May 2022 after Marek Hecko girlfriend split up with him after being in a relationship for about seven months, and according to official reports, Marek Hecko Chelmsford got upset as well as obsessed. On 25 July 2022, at Nelson Grove, Chelmsford, England, when Marek Hecko girlfriend was sleeping with her new partner in bed, Marek Hecko Chelmsford stabbed him twice in the back, the man was identified as Adrian Ellingford, and more details about him are given later in this blog.


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Marek Hecko ex-girlfriend told the officials that Adrian Ellingford woke in bed and commented that someone was in the house and in the next moment he was stabbed twice in the back by Marek Hecko Chelmsford after which he was pronounced dead at the scene. Later, the officials said that Marek Hecko returned to the murder scene while police were on guard and he was completely drunk, he started telling the officers that he knew what had happened after which he was arrested on being identified as the main suspect, and he even claimed that he came to the crime scene after seeing what happened on the latest news but unfortunately, no details were revealed to media of the incident at that particular time.

According to Deputy Chief Inspector, Louise Metcalfe, it was a senseless attack on Adrian Ellingford who was 44 years old and a father to two children, he hoped that the children can move forward after knowing that Marek Hecko trial has been done. Lastly, talking about the verdict of Marek Hecko trial then on Tuesday, 13 March 2023, at Chelmsford Crown Court, he was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 26 years.

Marek Hecko Chelmsford, News, Girlfriend, Trial, Murder, Verdict, Age, Height, Nationality


Marek Hecko

Full Name

Marek Hecko



Marital Status


Relationship Status


Ex-Girlfriend Name

Stephanie Breame




26 years old

Date of Birth


Birth Place

Rookes Crescent, Chelmsford, England

Father & Mother Name

Mr. Hecko (Father)

Mrs. Hecko (Mother)




No information


Engineering Institute of Technology




5′ 9″ Approx


75 kg approx


No information

Eye Color

Dark Brown Color

Hair Color

Blonde Color


Will be updated




Not known



Source Of Income

Private Job as Chef

Net Worth




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Who was Marek Hecko’s Ex-Girlfriend? - Marek Hecko Girlfriend

Stephanie Breame Wiki & Bio - Talking about the woman for whom Marek Hecko murdered Adrian Ellingford, the name of Marek Hecko girlfriend or ex-girlfriend is Stephanie Breame, she was with Marek Hecko in a relationship for seven months, and later split up with him. After this, Marek Hecko girlfriend, Stephanie Breame got involved in a romantic relationship with Adrian Ellingford, he was a 44-year-old married man who had two children and a wife.

Who was Adrian Ellingford? - Adrian Ellingford Wiki & Bio

Talking about the man who was brutally murdered by getting stabbed in his back twice while he was in bed with his lover who was also Marek Hecko Chelmsford ex-girlfriend, and the name of that man was Adrian Ellingford who belonged to Chelmsford, England. He was 44 years of age and married, he was having two children and a wife who are now left alone, and he took his last breath at Nelson Grove, Chelmsford, England on 25 July 2022.


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Marek Hecko Family

If you are looking for details about Marek Hecko family, then let us tell you that the chef from England who has been guilty of murdering a 44-year-old man at Nelson Grove, Chelmsford, England, family details are not available in any of the public sources.

What is the Age of Marek Hecko? - Marek Hecko Age

As of 2023, Marek Hecko age is 26 years old. If you want to see his social media accounts, then the links are given below.

Social Media Accounts of Marek Hecko


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FAQs About Marek Hecko

Q.1 Who is Marek Hecko?

Ans. Marek Hecko is a chef who belongs to England.

Q.2 How old is Marek Hecko?

Ans. Marek Hecko age is 26 years old.

Q.3 Who was Marek Hecko girlfriend?

Ans. Marek Hecko ex-girfriend name was Stephanie Breame.

Q.4 What was the name of the man who was murdered by Marek Hecko?

Ans. The name of the man who was murdered by Marek Hecko is Adrian Ellingford.

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