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Marie Tharp Death

Today we are going to tell you about Marie Tharp who was an American geologist and oceanographic cartographer and also known as Marie Tharp husband. We will provide all kinds of information on Marie Tharp death, age, cause of death, parents, net worth, height, husband, theory, and all other things. So keep on reading.

Marie Tharp Death

Marie Tharp Death

Tharp died of cancer in Nyack, New York, on August 23, 2006, at the age of 86.

Marie Tharp Husband

Her Marital status is divorced. She married David Flanagan and moved with him to New York. They were divorced by 1952.

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Marie Tharp Parents

Her father’s name is William Edgar Tharp and her mother’s name is Bertha Louise Tharp. Tharp's father worked for the US Department of Agriculture and gave her an early introduction to mapmaking, reminds the doodle


Marie Tharp study and discovery

Marie Tharp Death

The Library of Congress named her one of the greatest.  Cartographers (a person who draws or produces maps) 20th-century cartographers used to make maps and design maps. the Library of Congress named her one of the greatest cartographers of the 20th century.

She attended the University of Michigan for her master’s degree in petroleum geology. In 1948, she moved to New York City and became the first woman to work at the Lamont Geological Observatory.

In 1948, Tharp graduated from Ohio University 1943 with bachelor's degrees in English and music and four minors after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor many young men dropped out of schools and universities to join the armed forces. During World War II, more women were recruited into professions like petroleum geology, normally restricted to men. Less than 4% of all earth sciences doctorates at the time were obtained by women.

By 1948, Tharp had spent four years in Tulsa and was looking for her next career step. Before the early 1950s, scientists knew very little about the structure of the ocean floor


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Marie Tharp Helper

Heezen gathered ocean-depth data in the Atlantic Ocean, which Tharp used to create maps of the mysterious ocean floor. New findings from echo sounders (sonars used to find water depth) helped her discover the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

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86 years when she died


American geologist and oceanographic cartographer


July 30, 1920


August 23, 2006

Place of Birth

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Place of Death

Nyack, New York

Years Active


Marital Status



David Flanagan




William Edgar Tharp (Father)

Bertha Louise Tharp (Mother)




University of Michigan


Graduated from Ohio University in 1943 with bachelor's degrees in Music and English and four minors

Master's Degree from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor's petroleum geology program,

Second B.Sc. from the University of Tulsa

Hair Colour









Marie TharpAwards

Marie Tharp Death

  • 1978 - National Geographic Society’s Hubbard Medal
  • 1996 - Society of Woman Geographers Outstanding Achievement Award
  •  1999 - Woods Holes Oceanographic Institution’s Mary Sears Woman Pioneer in Oceanography Award
  •  2001 - Lamont–Doherty Earth Observatory Heritage Award


Marie Tharp Legacy

Tharp was recognized in 1997 by the Library of Congress as one of the four greatest cartographers of the 20th century. The position of Marie Tharp Lamont's Research Professor was created in her honor.

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FAQs About Marie Tharp

Q.1 Who is Marie Tharp?

Ans. Marie Tharp was an American geologist and oceanographic cartographer who, in partnership with Bruce Heezen, created the first scientific map of the Atlantic Ocean floor.

Q.2 How old is Marie Tharp?

Ans. 86 years

Q.3 What is Marie Tharp Net worth?

Ans. $1.5 Million.


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