Matsya Kaand Season 2 Release Date and Time! Updates on when it is coming!

Matsya Kaand Season 2 Release Date

The much-awaited season second of the famous MX player online thriller web series Matsya Kaand is on its way, India’s top online streaming service MX player released the first season of Matsya Kaand on 18th November 2021, and the Indian crime, drama, as well as thriller series gained a good response from the audience since its release.

About Matsya Kaand

Before we move towards all the news and updates on Matsya Kaand Season 2 release date, time, plot, number of episodes, etc., our sources have gained from the producers of Matsya Kaand.

Matsya Kaand Season 2 Release Date

Let us first look at the summary of the trending online thriller web series Matsya Kaand season 1 so that it will be easy to understand the plot and twist related to Matsya Kaand season 2 when you will go through all the latest as well as current updates further in the article.


The story of Matsya Kaand season 1 revolves around the life of a con artist who with his charm, smooth talks, and disguise cons people, but his fate leads him to a ruthless cop who wants to apprehend him at any cost and make him pay for the harm his actions or doings has cost to the victims.

Matsya Kaand Season 2 Release Date

All the episodes depict the overall cat-and-mouse chase between the cop and the con artist, the end suspense of the Matsya Kaand season 1 is the only reason that is making the fans or the audience eager for the news or any updates over the release of Matsya Kaand season 2. Below are all the updates our sources were able to find out for you!


Matsya Kaand Season 2 Release Date

After the successful first season of Matsya Kaand, the Matsya Kaand season 2 updates, news, release date, time, plot, addition to the cast, number of episodes, a new twist, suspense to predict future seasons, and many more such are the things that fans are looking forward to.

Initially, the Matsya Kaand season 2 was expected around somewhere in the year 2022, but as per the knowledge from our sources this information is not confirmed and the year is about to end.


It is skeptical to predict that the fans or viewers of the online thriller web series will be seeing the Matsya Kaand season 2 early in the year 2023, but most likely the good news is to be it can be seen in the year 2023 and if it is postponed or stretched towards the year 2024, it will be very heartbreaking for the fans. Though, we want all the fans of the drama-filled crime and thriller online web series of MX Player to be on the positive side and keep visiting our website to stay connected with the latest updates, news, official announcements, release date, etc.


Matsya Kaand Season 2 Common FAQs

  • Matsya Kaand release date season 2

Ans - The official release date of Matsya Kaand season 2 is expected around the year 2022 according to official reports and sources.

  • Matsya Kaand season 2 release date

Ans - The official announcement for the release date of Matsya Kaand season 2 from the producers is still awaited by the fans, and waiting for the updates.

  • Matsya Kaand cast

Ans - Top cast includes - Ravi Dubey as Matsya Thada, Madhur Mittal as Raju, Raj Sharma as Dhan Singh, Piyush Mishra as Anand Pandit, Zoya Afroz as Urvashi.

  • Matsya Kaand web series

Ans - The series is a story about Matsya Thanda, a con man who believes in using his charm, wit, and power of words rather than physical violence to get his way.

  • Matsya Kaand ott

Ans - The drama-filled crime and thriller online web series was officially released on the OTT platform MX Player which is India’s top online streaming service.


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