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Nex Benedict Wikipedia

Nex Benedict Wikipedia  

Nex Benedict Wikipedia:- Nex Benedict was born on January 11, 2008, in El Paso, Texas, United States. Nex Benedict was an Oklahoma teenager who died tragically on February 7, 2024, as a result of a bullying incident at Owasso High School. Nex, who identified as non-binary, reportedly suffered abuse, which culminated in an attack by three younger females in a school washroom.

The circumstances of Nex's death prompted an inquiry. Initially, Owasso police stated that the medical examiner's results did not suggest trauma as the cause of death. However, as of February 25, 2024, full autopsy and toxicology tests were still pending, rendering the cause of death unknown. Keep scrolling to learn about What happened to Nex Benedict?

What happened to Nex Benedict?

Nex Benedict Death:- The tragedy that befell Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old non-binary student from Oklahoma, shocked the community to its foundation. Their lives were tragically cut short by a terrible act of violence in the hallways of Owasso High. The events that occurred made a lasting impression on the community, prompting concerns about safety, acceptance, and the failure of mechanisms designed to safeguard vulnerable people.

Nex's tale is one of promise and possibility, sadly overshadowed by the cruelty of their early end. As a non-binary person navigating the difficulties of puberty, Nex faced particular hurdles in a world that is frequently unfriendly to individuals who dare to exist outside of established gender conventions. 

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Nex Benedict Cause of Death

Nex Benedict Cause of death:-  This remains unknown. According to a police statement, doctors were dispatched to "a medical emergency" at Benedict's residence the day after the incident, on February 8. Sue Benedict stated in an emergency call, which police also released audio of, that her child's breathing was faint and their eyes were rolling back. "I hope this ain't from her head," she remarked. "They were supposed to have checked her out good." She subsequently revealed in an online essay that she was still getting used to using Benedict's preferred they/them pronouns. Before sending Benedict to the hospital, paramedics tried CPR, and the adolescent died.

Nex Benedict Oklahoma who killed them?

Nex Benedict Killers:- In a letter to The Advocate, Owasso Police Chief Dan Yancy stated that "no report of the incident was made to the Owasso Police Department prior to the notification at the hospital". A search warrant issued on February 9 resulted in the seizure of 137 images from the school, two swabs of stains from the restroom, and records and other papers pertaining to the concerned children.

The Owasso Police Department is investigating to establish what caused Benedict's death. As of February 21, 2024, authorities are awaiting toxicology and autopsy reports from the local medical examiner's office before deciding if anybody will face charges. Law enforcement conducted interviews with school personnel and children, and all results were reported to Tulsa County.

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Nex Benedict Personal Details

Real Name

Nex Benedict

Other Name




Date Of Birth

January 11, 2008

Place of Birth

El Paso, Texas, United States

Date of death

February 8, 2024

Place of death

El Paso, Texas, United States

Marital Status


Wife Name





16 years old

Father & Mother Name

Mr. Benedict and Sue Benedict




Owasso High School






5 ft 5 inches


48 kg approx.


Not known

Eye Color


Hair Color










Net Worth




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Nex benedict cause of death video

Nex Benedict cause of death video:- Nex Benedict died the day after a fight in an Oklahoma high school restroom. Benedict's cause of death has not been revealed. Scroll down to watch the video.

Nex Benedict Parents

Nex Benedict Parents:- If we talk about Nex Benedict parents then let us tell you that Nex Benedict parents' names are Mr. Benedict and Sue Benedict. He had two brothers and four sisters but their names are not mentioned yet. Keep scrolling to learn about Nex Benedict Height.

Nex Benedict Toxicology Report

Nex Benedict Toxicology Report:- As of February 25, 2024, formal autopsy and toxicology tests were still pending, and the cause of their death had not been determined.

Vigils in Benedict's honor have taken place around the United States. Activists and civil rights organizations have connected Benedict's murder to anti-LGBT policies and language, calling for a probe into his death. Some Oklahoma officials have defended state regulations, describing media coverage of Benedict's death as disproportionate and the response as politically driven.

Nex Benedict Height

Nex Benedict Height:- Nex Benedict height was 5 Feet and 5 Inches. His Height in centimeters was 165 Cm and his Height of Nex Benedict in meters was 1.65m. If you find information about Nex Benedict Height interesting, then keep reading this page for more such unique information about Nex Benedict Net Worth.

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FAQs about Nex Benedict

Q.1 Who was Nex Benedict?

Ans. Nex Benedict was an Oklahoma teenager who died tragically on February 7, 2024.

Q.2 How old was Nex Benedict?

Ans. Nex Benedict age was 16 years old.

Q.3 What was Nex Benedict Net Worth?

Ans. Nex Benedict net worth was not given.

Q.4 What was his profession?

Ans. Nex Benedict was a student.

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