Payton Gendron Wiki | 2022 Buffalo Shooting, Age, Parents and Much More

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Today we’re going to tell you about Payton Gendron wiki and his breaking news, personal and professional life. On May 14, 2022, a mass shooting happened at a Tops Friendly Markets supermarket in the East Side area of Buffalo, New York, United States. Ten persons were killed and three were injured, all of them were Black. The gunman, identified as 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron, live-streamed a portion of the incident on Twitch, but the service pulled it down in less than two minutes. All of his information is provided below.

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Payton Gendron Wiki

Payton Gendron gunman, named Payton S. Gendron in court, was born on June 20, 2003, and was 18 years old at the time of the incident. He'd driven three and a half hours from his hometown of Conklin, New York, roughly 200 miles (320 kilometers) to the grocery. Gendron graduated from Susquehanna Valley High School and was previously enrolled in an engineering science degree at SUNY Broome Community College in Binghamton.

Payton Gendron Wikipedia

According to his neighbors, his parents are civil engineers, and he has previously indicated his desire to become one as well. Classmates questioned by The New York Times claimed he was shy and rarely attended in-person sessions, and he displayed a variety of eccentric behaviors, such as donning a hazmat suit to class.

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Payton Gendron Arrested

Payton Gendron was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. On May 19, 2022, he formally filed a "not guilty" plea. Gendron pled guilty to all state counts in the incident, including murder, domestic terrorism, and hate crimes, on November 28, 2022. On February 15, 2023, Gendron was sentenced to numerous sentences of life in prison without the chance of release; federal charges were still pending at the time.

Payton Gendron age 19 years old, was acknowledged in May 2022 to kill ten black individuals in a racially motivated shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, as well as domestic terrorism charges. Earlier in the hearing, Gendron was momentarily taken from court after a victim's family member charged at him and had to be restrained. He lunged at Gendron, who'd been sitting at a table with his attorneys as Barbara Massey, whose sister was slain in the racial attack, read a victim impact statement. If you want to learn more, keep reading this article until you reach the end.

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2022 Buffalo Shooting

Payton Gendron is believed to have published a manifesto, portraying himself as an ethnic-nationalist and a follower of white supremacy who is inspired to conduct acts of political violence. In the framework of a "white genocide," he expressed support for the far-right "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory.

The incident has been regarded as an act of domestic terrorism, and it is also investigated as a racist hate crime. As a result of the incident, Governor Kathy Hochul vowed policy reforms in the state while denouncing the gunman; shortly after, New York outlawed most semi-automatic firearm sales to anyone under the age of 21, as well as some types of body armor.

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African man rushes into Payton Gendron while victim's statements

African man rushes into Payton Gendron

The man who attacked Payton Gendron is the son of one of the women who gave a victim impact statement during the trial, she subsequently revealed. Barbara Mapps, 72, is Katherine Massey's sister, who was killed in the attack. When the attempted attack on Gendron happened, she was making a passionate speech. "I genuinely want to choke you," Mapps yelled in court. "Your punk a** came here to assassinate Black people," Flynn stated that the guy will not be prosecuted with a crime because he does not want to add to the pain.

Mapps claimed that after the punishment, her kid rushed at Gendron in sympathy with her. "He wouldn't have gone up there if it hadn't been for me," Mapps remarked. "He saw me emotional and I'm his parent.”We're close. This is how we were raised. You injure one of us, you hurt us all." Other victims' relatives shared more sorrowful memories of their loved ones, as well as condemnation of Gendron's violent deeds and cruel philosophy. Many of the victims' families have expressed their desire for Gendron to be sentenced to life in prison rather than the death penalty so that the shooter will have to live with his thoughts for the rest of his life. "I hope you discover it in your future."

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Payton Gendron Wikipedia | 2022 Buffalo Shooting Information

Perpetrator Name

Payton S. Gendron


June 20, 2003


1275 Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo, New York, U.S.


May 14, 2022, c. 2:30 – 2:36 p.m.


African Americans


Bushmaster XM-15 AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle

Attack type

Mass shootings, mass murders, domestic terrorism, hate crime


10 People’s


3 People’s




Payton Gendron Investigation

Payton Gendron Investigation

According to Erie County Sheriff John Garcia, the shooting was a racially motivated hate crime committed by someone from outside our community. According to Stephen Belongia, the chief of the local FBI office, the shooting is being investigated as both a hate crime as well as an act of racially motivated violent extremism. The gunman was apprehended and taken to Buffalo Police Headquarters, where he was reported to be in custody by 2:36 p.m. The shooter's parents have been interrogated by federal officials and have cooperated with investigators.

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FAQ About Payton Gendron

Q.1 Who is Payton Gendron?

Ans. Payton Gendron age 19 years old, was acknowledged in May 2022 for killing ten black individuals in a racially motivated shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, as well as domestic terrorism charges.

Q.2 How old is Payton Gendron?

Ans. His age is 19 years old.

Q.3 What is Payton Gendron's Net worth?

Ans. His Net Worth is not known.

Q.4 What is his full name?

Ans. His full name is Payton S. Gendron.