Pramod Muthalik Education, Wife, Net Worth 2023, Age, Family, Children

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Pramod Muthalik's personal life will be discussed today, as well as his education, wife, net worth, career, and family. He is the leader of the Rashtriya Hindu Sena, the Sri Ram Sena's parent organization. After being ousted from the Bajrang Dal, he founded the Karnataka section of the Shiv Sena. If you want thorough information, read this article all the way through.

Pramod Muthalik Education

Muthalik was born in 1963 to a Brahmin family in Hukkeri, Karnataka's Belgaum district. In 1975, he joined the RSS. In 2004, he was appointed as the Bajrang Dal's convenor for South India.

Who is the wife of Pramod Muthalik?

Pramod Muthalik is unmarried. Not mentioned his wife's name. There is no verified information regarding his wife. Through our inquiry, we're trying our best to bring you up to speed on his personal life. To know more about his relationship, children, family, and career read this article till the end.

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Pramod Muthalik Age, Height & Weight

Muthalik is 60 years old, his height is 5’ 6” and his weight is 75 kg.

How Many Children Does Pramod Muthalik Have?

He does not have any children yet.

Pramod Muthalik Wiki & Biography

Pramod Muthalik Education

He left the Shiv Sena over the Belgaum border conflict and founded Sri Ram Sena. He attracted public prominence after a group of Ram Sena militants stormed a Mangalore pub and beat young men and women, claiming that they were breaking traditional Indian values. The state administration of the Bharatiya Janata Party barred him from visiting Mangalore, thus he campaigned against the party in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections. He joined the BJP's Karnataka branch in March 2014 but was forced to resign within hours owing to intense criticism and protests from other members. He ran as an Independent Candidate in the 2014 Karnataka Lok Sabha elections from the Bangalore South and Dharwad seats but lost both. If you're looking for Pramod Muthalik's education, wife, net worth, wiki, or biography and want to learn more about his personal life, profession, and successes, keep reading.

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Pramod Muthalik Education, Wife, Net Worth 2023, Wiki/Biography, Age, Children, Height, Weight, Family


Pramod Muthalik

Short Name

Pramod Ji, Pramod Bhaiyya

Current Age

60 years old

Profession Build

Politician, Hindu Activist

Date of Birth


Birth Place

Hukkeri, Karnataka, India

Marital Status


Wife Name

Not Mentioned

Current Net worth


Height in Inches

5’ 6”

Weight in Kg

75 kg



Hair Color

Black Color

High School

High School


(1975) RSS





Zodiac Sign







Don't Know


Mr. Muthalik (Father)

Mrs. Muthalik (Mother)



Pramod Muthalik Education - Lifestyle-Career

Pramod Muthalik Education

Lifestyle & Career: - Muthalik was dismissed from Bajrang Dal in 2005. Following that, in August 2005, he established the Shiv Sena's Karnataka section, asserting that he desired a political platform to pursue Hindutva's aims. He was joined by Vilas Pawar, the former district head of the Bajrang Dal for Belgaum, and over 5,000 workers from the Bajrang Dal, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, and the Bharatiya Janata Party. The Shiv Sena was formed in Karnataka around this time. Muthalik left the Sena in 2006 as the party resurrected its demand for the union of Karnataka's ostensibly claimed Marathi-speaking districts, such as Belgaum, Uttara Kannada, and Bidar district, with Maharashtra. He went on to find the Rashtriya Hindu Sena.

Muthalik founded Sri Ram Sena after leaving the Shiv Sena in 2006. The Ram Sena members launched a raid on a Mangalore pub in 2009 when ladies were beaten. Muthalik justified the attack by claiming that girls going to the pub was against Indian culture. He also questioned the government's and the media's reticence on the unlawful Bangladeshi infiltrators. Following the incident, the state administration of the Bharatiya Janata Party barred him from visiting Mangalore. In reaction, he campaigned against the BJP in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, branding it "corrupt and anti-Hindu," but declined to run himself. He joined the Bharatiya Janata Party Karnataka state unit in 2014 but was forced to leave amid complaints from other members.

Pramod Muthalik Education

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Net Worth Of Pramod Muthalik

His net worth is ₹2,68,000.

Pramod Muthalik Family & Siblings

Pramod Muthalik's marital status is unmarried, according to the information. His family's names are Mr. Muthalik (father) and Mrs. Muthalik (mother). He also has siblings whose names have not known. It is below if you want to see some information or their social media accounts.

 Social Account Of Pramod Muthalik


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FAQ About Pramod Muthalik Education

Q.1 Who is Pramod Muthalik?

Ans. He is a Politician, and Hindu activist from Hukkeri, Karnataka, India.

Q.2 How old is Pramod Muthalik?

Ans. He is 60 years old.

Q.3 What is Pramod Muthalik Net worth?

Ans. His net worth is ₹2,68,000.

Q.4 What is his real name?

Ans. His real name is Pramod Muthalik.

Q. 5 What is Pramod Muthalik Wife's Name?

Ans. His wife's name is not mentioned.

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