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21 Feb, 2024 Last Update 1 month ago
21 Feb, 2024 Last Update 1 month ago

Raoul A. Cortez Cause of Death:- Raoul A. Cortez was a Mexican-American media executive. If you want to know about Raoul A. Cortez's wife, Raoul A. Cortez's death cause, Raoul A. Cortez's parents, Raoul A. Cortez's net worth, Raoul A. Cortez's wiki, Raoul A. Cortez's age, Raoul A. Cortez's cause of death, Raoul A. Cortez's biography and more. If you want to know about then read this article.

Raoul A. Cortez Cause of Death

Raoul A. Cortez Cause of death:- On December 17, 1971, Raoul A. Cortez passed away in San Antonio, Texas. Even after his passing, his contributions to Latino rights advocacy and Spanish-language media were acknowledged and honored. Several accolades and distinctions, such as the designation of the Raoul A. Son Raoul Cortés Jr., daughters Rosamaria and Irma Cortés, and wife Genoveva Valdés Cortez survived him. His cause of death is not known yet. Read further to know Raoul A. Cortez Wiki.

Who was Raoul A. Cortez?

Raoul A. Cortez Wikipedia:- Mexican-born American media executive Raoul A. Cortez was renowned for his significant contributions to Spanish-language media and his support of Latino civil rights. He was born in Mexico in 1905. His most notable accomplishment is the development of KCOR, the first Spanish-language radio station in the continental United States, which began operations in 1946.

Following his family's migration to the United States in the Mexican Revolution, he made his home in San Antonio, Texas, where he began working as a reporter for a newspaper published in Spanish. Because of Cortez's vision and perseverance, KCOR radio and eventually a television station were founded, greatly advancing Hispanic broadcasting in the United States.

Additionally, he worked with groups like the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) to aggressively support Mexican American civil rights.

Who was Raoul A. Cortez?

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Raoul A. Cortez Personal Details

Real Name

Raoul A. Cortez

Other Name


Profession Build

Spanish-language radio and television station owner and developer

Date of Birth

17 October 1905

Date of death

17 December 1971

Marital Status


Wife Name

Genoveva Valdés Cortez

Net worth

$1-5 million

Height in Inches


Weight in lb.

86 kg


Raoul Cortez Jr., Rosamaria Cortez and Irma Cortez

School/High School   

Private School






Not known











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Raoul A. Cortez Net Worth

Raoul A. Cortez Net Worth: - The net worth of Raoul A. Cortez was $1-5 million. He earned a lot of money from his career. Keep reading this post to learn more about Raoul A. Cortez Parents.

Raoul A. Cortez Parents

Raoul A. Cortez Parents:- One of nine siblings, Raoul A. Cortez was born in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico in 1905. A radio station in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico was owned by his father. Keep reading this article to learn about Raoul A. Cortez's wife.

Raoul A. Cortez Wife

Raoul A. Cortez Wife:- Raoul A. Cortez was married. His wife’s name was Genoveva Valdés Cortez. He has three children, a son Raoul Cortez Jr., and daughters Rosamaria Cortez and Irma Cortez.

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Raoul A. Cortez Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

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FAQ About Raoul A. Cortez Cause of Death

Q.1 Who was Raoul A. Cortez?

Ans. Raoul A. Cortez was a media executive.

Q.2 What was Raoul A. Cortez’s Wife's name?

Ans. Raoul A. Cortez’s Wife's name was Genoveva Valdés Cortez.

Q.3 How old was Raoul A. Cortez?

Ans. He was 66 years old.

Q.4 What was Raoul A. Cortez Net worth?

Ans. Raoul A. Cortez’s net worth was $5 million dollars.

Q.5 What was his real name?

Ans. His real name was Raoul A. Cortez.

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