Riya Kumari Jharkhand News, Murder, Death, Death Cause, Husband, Wikipedia

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Today we will tell about the murder of actor-YouTuber Riya Kumari Jharkhand, as well as about her death, news, death cause, husband, and all the other related details. The news is straight from Howrah District where yesterday husband of actor YouTuber Riya Kumari Jharkhand was charged with the murder of his wife and a few other things to read the complete story keep on reading. We will provide all the details about Riya Kumari Jharkhand News, her murder, death, husband, Wikipedia, and death cause. If you want complete information, then read this article till the end.

Riya Kumari Jharkhand News

Another crime and murder of a wife at the hands of her own husband has come to the light in the eyes of the officials. The news is about actor-YouTuber Riya Kumari who was murdered Wednesday, 28 December 2022 by her husband, he was taken into custody early on Thursday, 29 December 2022 by the police officials and charged with murder, destruction of evidence, torture, and criminal conspiracy due to inconsistency in his statements. Earlier he made up a story that his wife actor-YouTuber Riya Kumari Jharkhand was shot and killed by two men who tried to rob them at gunpoint on NH-16 near Howrah, Kolkata while the couple and their 27-month-old daughter were traveling. If you want to read more about Riya Kumari Jharkhand murder, death, death cause, husband, and her Wikipedia.

Who was actor-YouTuber Riya Kumari?

Riya Kumari Jharkhand News

Riya Kumari Jharkhand Wikipedia - Actor-YouTuber Riya Kumari who was also known by the name Isha Alya was born in the year 1990 and died on 28 December 2022 at the age of 32, she was an actress who mostly worked in the regional films of Jharkhand, her career started when she was around 22 years of age after which she appeared in various films which were produced in the local regional language “Kohrtha”. Riya Kumari was known for her dancing skills which you can see on her YouTube channel, the link for her channel is given later in this blog. If you want to know more about Riya Kumari Jharkhand News, murder, death, death cause, husband, and family, and want to learn more about her personal life, profession, and successes, then on keep reading further.

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Riya Kumari Jharkhand News, Murder, Death, Death Cause, Husband, Wikipedia

Full Name

Riya Kumari

Known By

Isha Alya


Regional Actress, YouTuber

Years Active






Marital Status

Married (At the time of her death)

Husband Name

Jaiprakash Kumar Rajni


1 (Daughter)


32 years old (At the time of her death)


5′ 5″


60 kg (approx)


Not Known

Eye Color

Brown Color

Hair Color

Black Color

Date of Birth


Birth Place

Will be updated

Date of Death

28 December 2022

Place of Death

Howrah District

Cause of Death

Murder (Shot Dead)






No information


Bhawanipur Education Society College



Father & Mother Name

Not known


Ajay Rana (Brother)

Source Of Income

Regional Film Industry and YouTube

Net Worth

$1 million (Aoprox)



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Riya Kumari Jharkhand Murder

According to the reports, her murder was pre-planned by her husband as the brother of Riya Kumari told the officials that his husband used to torture her for dowry, and was also in debt of around 28-30 lakh rupees. Riya Kumari’s husband knew that his wife had life insurance policies, share market certificates, and fixed deposits in her name. She also had around 10 lakh rupees in her bank account. His brother also told that a week before the incident he left home which is in Ranchi’s Tiger Hill Apartment, and returned just before the Kolkata trip making Riya Kumari promises for shopping with a plan of murder in the back of his mind as he was also not happy with Riya Kumari’s lifestyle, male friends, and late-night parties.

What was Riya Kumari’s Cause of Death?

Riya Kumari Jharkhand Cause of Death - The cause of death of actor-YouTuber Riya Kumari Jharkhand is very clear, she was shot dead by her husband Prakash while on the highway he stopped the car early in the morning around 6 a.m. to take break, the area in which Prakash claimed that two men apprehended them was under CCTV surveillance which showed nothing happened as Prakash told to the police after which he was taken into custody, the charges are yet to be decided against him after the court’s hearing about which we will update later in this blog so keep browsing our website for updates on actor-YouTuber Riya Kumari Jharkhand Murder.

Who is actor-YouTuber Riya Kumari’s Husband?

Riya Kumari Jharkhand Husband - The husband of actor-YouTuber Riya Kumari and the culprit in this murder is Jaiprakash Kumar Rajni, who used a false name Prakash Albela, Prakash was also married earlier and the name of his first wife is Sharada, Riya Kumari’s brother filed an FIR against his husband Prakash, his first wife, and brothers of Prakash’s first wife after the incident took place in Howrah. After the FIR an Uluberia court remanded Prakash in police custody for 12 days and while taken to the court Prakash stated that he did not kill Riya and their martial differences were solved.

Riya Kumari Jharkhand News

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Riya Kumari Jharkhand Net Worth

The net worth of Riya Kumari Jharkhand was approx $1 million for the year 2022. If you want to see some more information or their social media accounts, especially Riya Kumari Jharkhand YouTube then it is given below.

Social Media Accounts of Riya Kumari Jharkhand


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FAQs About Riya Kumari Jharkhand News

Q.1 Who was Riya Kumari Jharkhand?

Ans. Riya Kumari, also known by the name Isha Alya was an actor-YouTuber who mostly worked in the regional films of Jharkhand.

Q.2 How old was Riya Kumari Jharkhand?

Ans. Riya Kumari Jharkhand age was 32 years old.

Q.3 What was Riya Kumari Jharkhand Net worth?

Ans. Riya Kumari Jharkhand’s approx net worth was around $1 million.

Q.4 What was her other name?

Ans. Her other name by which Riya Kumari Jharkhand was famous was Isha Alya.

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