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DOJ says it will not pursue federal prosecution in the Shanquella Robinson case. US investigators say they have found no evidence to support filing federal charges in the death of a Charlotte woman. Sue-Ann Robinson, a lawyer for the family, not related to a woman who died six months ago in seemingly suspicious circumstances in Mexico, called what she called a "so-called investigation." He said the autopsy was done in the United States after Shanquella Robinson's body was embalmed.

Today we are going to find out about Shanquella Robinson's personal life also as Shanquella Robinson Friends, family, biography, career, and parents. Shanquella Robinson was an American businesswoman. She is one of the greatest and most influential businesswomen in America. Many praised him for taking quick action and taking sound administrative decisions in a short span of time. If you would like more information, read this article the way through.

Shanquella Robinson Friends - Shanquella Robinson Death

Shanquella Robinson Friends: - Shanquella Robinson went out with five friends where she died. According to Wikipedia, With a video of the incident being uploaded to Twitter, several social media outlets began a wave of viral cellphone footage showing a naked African-American woman being brutally assaulted in the bedroom of a vacation rental by an acquaintance of hers. Shown doing. Salamandra Robinson confirmed that her daughter was being beaten in the video.

In the video, one of the assailants, in a frenzied rage, begins to viciously beat Robinson; From one side of a large hotel bed, pinning her to the other corner of the bed, repeatedly punching her head, violently moving her neck, throwing the victim to the floor, he inflicted more vicious blows on her face and left the room K. hit her knee to the head, ending her attack on Robinson, before stumbling to the other side.

At least two other people were present during the attack. One male filmed the attack and the other filmed the male capturing the incident. The footage includes a male who can be heard making a recommendation to Robinson. The video, which was received with shock, incredulity, and disgust on social media networks, later raised the question of why no one intervened in the beating of a naked "dude", certainly not a naked woman.

Brutal beatings are most notable. Chose to record the beating on a cellphone rather than record it in the middle of a hotel room. Voices in the media have also questioned why suspects or witnesses in a femicide or murder investigation were allowed to return to the United States without arrest or questioning. If you want to know more about Shanquella Robinson Friends name, and Age then keeps reading. 

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Shanquella Robinson Video - Shanquella Robinson Update

Shanquella Robinson Video: - There has been considerable public interest and intrigue as to the cause of death. Additionally, significant concerted efforts by citizen journalists and amateur news bloggers played a significant role in bringing Shanquella Robinson's death into the limelight, especially since the city's police department at first treated the death as a case of alcohol poisoning, with Mexican authorities prompted to come under scrutiny.

According to Foxnews

Shanquella Robinson New Full Video

Shanquella Robinson Update: - A video later emerged showing Shanquella Robinson being assaulted at a rental villa before her death. The mysterious death, medical treatment, police reports, and forensic investigation into the cause of her untimely death have led to high-profile cross-border criminal investigations in the United States and Mexico.

Who Is Shanquella Robinson? Shanquella Robinson Wikipedia

Shanquella Robinson Wikipedia

Shanquella Robinson Wikipedia: - Shanquella Brenada Robinson was an American businesswoman, founder of a women's clothing line, hairstylist, and social media personality who was murdered while on vacation in Mexico. She died on October 29, 2022, shortly after traveling to the Mexican resort town of Cabo Har San Har Lucas with a group of her friends and loose acquaintances. Keep reading if you are looking for Shanquella Robinson Friends, family, wiki, or boyfriend and need to find out more about her personal life, career, and achievements.

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Shanquella Robinson Cause of Death - Shanquella Robinson Obituary

On October 29, a day after arriving from the party, at approximately 2:00:1 p.m., a doctor was called by the American Medical Center in Cabo San Lucas after a resort resident felt unwell. Around the same time, Shanquella's mother, Salmondra Robinson, received a phone call from one of her daughter's traveling companions, saying that her daughter was ill and that a doctor was on the way to check on her.

Dr. Carolina Beatriz Ornelas Gutierrez, of the American Medical Center, arrived within an hour and said she was "stable but dehydrated, disoriented, unresponsive, unable to communicate." Doctors are told that Robinson "drank too much." Lee". Doctors recommended that Robinson be admitted to a hospital, but her partner insisted that he be treated in an apartment room.

However, Robinson's condition worsened when she suffered a tonic-clonic seizure (stiffness of the body, arms, and legs) and sphincter dysfunction (spontaneous defecation) at 4:00 am. After 8 pm, Robinson started having trouble breathing and her pulse also dropped. However, they were unable to recreate a heartbeat, pulse, blood flow, pupillary reflex, or other vital human functions. According to the police report, Shanquella Robinson was declared clinically dead at 5:57 p.m.

Shanquella Robinson Wikipedia

Shanquella Robinson Biography - Shanquella Robinson Gofundm

Shanquella Robinson Biography: - Shanquella Robinson was born on January 9, 1997, in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. On October 28, 2022, Robinson traveled to Mexico on a short vacation with a friend and five of her traveling companions. They have been identified as three women and three men, including Khalil Cook, Malik St. Patrick Dyer, Venter Essence Donovan, Elise Michelle Hyatt, Dejahn Jackson, and Nazeer Wiggins.

Shanquella Robinson Education - Shanquella Robinson Story

Shanquella Robinson Education: - Shanquella Robinson is a historically black graduate of Winston-Salem State University. She operated several beauty and children's hair boutiques under the brand's Exclusive Kids and Her Exclusive Boutique in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Shanquella Robinson Husband Name - Is Shanquella Robinson Married?

Shanquella Robinson Husband

Shanquella Robinson Husband Name: - Shanquella Robinson was currently unmarried. Her boyfriend's name is not mentioned yet. There is no verified information regarding Shanquella Robinson's boyfriend. We are trying our best to give you the information about her personal life. Continue reading to find out more about Shanquella Robinson Friends if you want to understand more about Shanquella Robinson Friends.

Shanquella Robinson Children

Shanquella Robinson Children: - We do not know anything about the children of Shanquella Robinson. We will inform you as soon as we get information about their children. If you want to know more about Shanquella Robinson boyfriend, age and net worth then keep reading.

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Shanquella Robinson Friends, Cause of Death, Husband, Net Worth, Parents, Boyfriend

Real Name

Shanquella Robinson

Nick Name


Profession Build

American Businesswoman


29 October 2022

Place of Death

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cause of death

Femicide, homicide

Criminal charges      


Date of Birth

January 9, 1997

Birth Place

Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S

Current Age

25 years old when she died

Marital Status


Boyfriend Name


Current Net worth


Height in Inches

5 ft. 6 inches, In Meter: 1.68 m

Weight in Kg

65 kg


Not Mentioned

Zodiac Sign





Bernard Robinson (Father)

Sallamondra Robinson (Mother)



Shanquella Robinson Age

Shanquella Robinson Age: - Shanquella Robinson was born on January 9, 1997, in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S., and her Age as of 2023 was 25 years. If you want to know more about Shanquella Robinson's husband and age, then read this article the way through. 

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Shanquella Robinson Height

Shanquella Robinson Height: Shanquella Robinson’s height was 5 Feet and 6 Inches. Shanquella Robinson's Height in centimeters was 168 Cm and her Height in meters was 1.68m. If you find information about Shanquella Robinson's husband name interesting, then keep reading the page for more such unique information about Shanquella Robinson.

What Is Shanquella Robinson's Net Worth? - Shanquella Robinson Net Worth

Shanquella Robinson Net Worth: - Shanquella Robinson's net worth increased a lot in 2021-2022. Shanquella Robinson makes most of her money as a successful public activist. Shanquella Robinson's net worth, money, salary, income, and assets have all been calculated. As of 2023, Shanquella Robinson's net worth is estimated to be around $900,000.

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Who Are Shanquella Robinson's Parents? Shanquella Robinson Father And Mother

Shanquella Robinson Father

Shanquella Robinson Parents: - According to public records, Shanquella Robinson is unmarried. Shanquella Robinson Father: - Her parent's name is Bernard Robinson (father) and her mother's name is Sallamondra Robinson. More details are not available yet, but we will keep you updated. It is below if you want to see some information or their social media accounts.

Shanquella Robinson Mother

Social Media Account Of Shanquella Robinson - Shanquella Robinson Instagram


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FAQ About Shanquella Robinson

Q.1 Who was Shanquella Robinson?

Ans. Shanquella Robinson was an American businesswoman.

Q.2 How old was Shanquella Robinson?

Ans. She was 25 years old.

Q.3 What is Shanquella Robinson's Net worth?

Ans. Her net worth is $900,000.

Q.4 What is her real name?

Ans. Her real name is Shanquella Robinson.

Q. 5 What is Shanquella Robinson's Husband's Name?

Ans. She is unmarried.

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