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Today we are going to discuss a murder from Ireland, in which we will tell about Stephen McCullagh partner, and with this, we will also uncover the exclusive news of the 15 weeks pregnant woman named Natalie McNally who was murdered on 18 December 2022, this was also the day when the final match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 was also scheduled. This blog will cover each and every detail related to the Natalie McNally murder case, along with giving details about the accused Stephen McCullagh, who is Stephen McCullagh partner, what is Stephen McCullagh age, Stephen McCullagh profession, and how he falsely updated a live stream video of himself playing a video game for continuous six hours at the night of the murder, so read this blog till the end.

Who is Stephen McCullagh? - Stephen McCullagh Wikipedia

Stephen McCullagh is an Irish man who is 32 years of age, he is presently charged with a murder of a 15 weeks pregnant woman named Natalie McNally in Lurgan, Ireland, at her Silverwood Green home, and after committing the crime to hide his suspicion as well as involvement from the police he also staged an online gaming stream the night he murdered two people, the mother of 15 weeks old unborn baby, Natalie McNally along with the child who her mother planned to name as the baby “Dean”. Stephen McCullagh, lives in Woodland Gardens, Lisburn, Ireland, and is a robot combat YouTuber under the name “votesaxon07”, he was initially arrested when Natalie McNally murder news sparked but was ruled out as a suspect on the basis of the fake video live stream. Now, we will tell how Stephen McCullagh murdered Natalie McNally and Baby Dean and we will also reveal who is Stephen McCullagh partner.

Stephen McCullagh Partner

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Who is Stephen McCullagh's Partner? - Stephen McCullagh Partner

As we move further, we hope that you now have a brief introduction about 15 weeks pregnant woman Natalie McNally murder, so now let us tell how Stephen McCullagh planned and committed the crime in a much more detailed way and give a clear picture of Stephen McCullagh partner. On 18 December 2022, Natalie McNally who was a 15 weeks pregnant woman was stabbed to death by Stephen McCullagh at her home in Silverwood Green during the night, the accused was arrested on 02 February 2023, Thursday, by the police officials after which he appeared for the trial via videolink at Lisburn Magistrates' Court where he stood mum and in the court hearing the revealing about the pre-planned live-video gaming stream of Stephen McCullagh showing him play the video game Grand Theft Auto for six hours on YouTube channel for which he also tweeted to make it look more authentic.

Stephen McCullagh Partner

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When the video footage of the live stream was being played in the court hearing PSNI detective, Cheif Inspector Neil McGuinness noted and told the court that Stephen McCullagh was telling its viewers he is unable to interact with them due to technical issues, and during the police interrogation, he himself stated that live stream was pre-recorded by him days earlier. PSNI detective also found that Stephen McCullagh works in the local media industry and went to interact with Natalie McNally's parents after the weeks followed by the murder of their for a specific purpose which was leaving his cell phone at their home, and after which he recorded 40 minutes of audio in an attempt to determine if Natalie McNally's parents suspected him of involvement in the murder. Now, about Stephen McCullagh partner, as the family of Ms. Natalie McNally is not stating anything about her personal details, it is suspected that she was Stephen McCullagh partner but none of the reports have stated it officially because Natalie McNally murder case is all over the news and they do not want media to interfere with the privacy of the family. We hope you find the details about Stephen McCullagh partner that you were looking for. Now, read about Natalie McNally parents and siblings along with her personal life, and lastly, read how the police were able to track Stephen McCullagh in Natalie McNally murder case through the CCTV footage.

Stephen McCullagh Partner, Wikipedia, News, Murder, Age, YouTube, Biography


Stephen McCullagh

Full Name

Stephen McCullagh



Marital Status


Relationship Status

In a relationship

Parner Name

Natalie McNally




32 years old

Date of Birth


Birth Place


Father & Mother Name

Mr. McCullagh (Father)

Mrs. McCullagh (Mother)




Will be updated


No information


High School Graduate


5′ 10″ approx


80 kg approx


No information

Eye Color

Blue Color

Hair Color

Black Brown Color






Not known



Source Of Income

YouTube and Private Job

Net Worth




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How police tracked Stephen McCullagh? - Natalie McNally Murder Case

In the court hearing of police told about how they tracked Stephen McCullagh from Natalie McNally murder scene back to his home in Lisburn, Ireland, it was done through combining CCTV evidence from the bus he boarded to Natalie McNally home and from the account of a taxi driver who drove him back to his home after the Natalie McNally murder.  In the CCTV footage it was seen that Stephen McCullagh was wearing a yellow glove underneath a black glove while giving change to the bus driver, which was similar to a trace from cleaning glove on a stain of blood at Natalie McNally murder scene, and it was also acknowledged that he was not livestreaming on the night of Natalie McNally murder, but was drinking at his residence where he fell asleep. The judge has denied the bail application and remanded Stephen McCullagh in police custody and he is due for further proceeding in court again on 24 February 2023 about which we will surely update the Biography or News section of our website, you can visit these pages from the links, but first, read a little about who was Natalie McNally and who are Natalie McNally parents and siblings.

Who is Natalie McNally? - Natalie McNally Wikipedia

Natalie McNally was a 32-year-old woman who was 15 weeks pregnant when she was stabbed by her partner on 18 December 2022, according to her family and close friends she always highlighted equality and fairness and always acted to further causes she regarded as important. Professionally she was an advocate for LGBTQ+ issues and backed women’s rights. On the other hand, as an individual, her personality was very lovely and upbeat and people usually surrounded her as she always assisted them with problems and difficulties. She planned to name her baby "Dean", but unfortunately her fate planned something else for her, may her soul rest in peace!

Stephen McCullagh Partner

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Who are Natalie McNally Parents and Siblings? - Natalie McNally Parents and Siblings

According to the few details provided by the police officials, Natalie McNally's parents are Bernadette and Noel, and her brothers are Declan and Brendan. Reports stated that even her father found it difficult to recognize her body and the family is crushed by her death.

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FAQs About Stephen McCullagh

Q.1 Who is Stephen McCullagh?

Ans. Stephen McCullagh is a 32-year-old Irish man who is accused of stabbing and murdering 15 weeks pregnant woman named Natalie McNally.

Q.2 How old is Stephen McCullagh?

Ans. Stephen McCullagh age is 32 years old.

Q.3 Who is Natalie McNally?

Ans. Natalie McNally was a 32-year-old Irish woman who was 15 weeks pregnant when she was murdered by her boyfriend.

Q.4 What was Natalie McNally’s baby name?

Ans. Natalie McNally planned to name her baby “Dean”.

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