Steve Wallis Wife, [YouTuber], Wiki, News, Parents, Net Worth, Age

Steve Wallis Wife

Today we will learn about Steve Wallis's personal life as well as Steve Wallis's wiki, biography, career, and parents. Steven Wallis is a famous Canadian YouTuber. Steven is primarily known for making videos about camping and outdoor recreation. He is a very talented man. We're learning about Steve Wallis's job and personal life in this article. If you want more information, read this article all the way through.

Steve Wallis Wife- Relationship

Steve Wallis is currently a widower. Jessica Audrey Wallis his wife's name. Steve said that his wife Jessica Audrey died in her sleep. Jessica Audrey also loved making videos with her husband Steve. His wife died a month before the 5th wedding anniversary. Continue reading to learn more about his Wife if you want to understand more about his relationship. Keep reading if you are looking for Steve Wallis's wife, wiki, or biography and need to find out more about his personal life, career, and achievements.

Steve Wallis Wife

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Steve Wallis Wiki

Steve Wallis made a variety of videos such as "Free-Range", "Urban Stealth", Gold Mining, "Train" and Camping in the Yard. Many of his projects revolved around a "revival camp for all" and he set fire to hand sanitizer while camping in the parking lot. And expensive camping gear. He also enjoys drinking beer after camping, which he calls "the second step" in his process. In July 2020, they released weekly videos on Thursdays with 15-25 minute videos about "setting up camp, lighting a fire, preparing [her] food, going to bed, getting up, camping, and getting out".

Steve Wallis Wife- Biography

Today we are talking about a 41-year-old famous basketball player Steve Wallis. Steve lives in Edson, Alberta. He previously lived in Edmonton, where he often went to "stealth camp". Apart from his YouTube job, he also has a heating firm. On August 25, 2022, Steve said that his wife, Jess, had died unexpectedly in his sleep five days earlier and that he would take a break, but not stop making videos entirely because she wanted him to.

Steve Wallis Wife

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Steve Wallis Wife, Biography, Wiki, Latest News, Weight, Net Worth, Parents, Age

Real Name

Steve Wallis

Short Name


Current Age

41 years old

Profession Build


Years Active 



Camping, Outdoor, Cooking, Vlog, and Entertainment


1.14 Million

Total views    

167.2 Million

Date of Birth

10 September 1981

Birth Place

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Marital Status


Wife Name

Jessica Audrey

Current Net worth

2 Million

Height in Inches

6’ 0”

Weight in Kg

95 kg



Hair Color


High School

Edmonton high school


State College





Zodiac Sign









N/A (Father)

N/A (Mother)




Steve Wallis Wife, Early Life/Career

Steve Wallis Wife

Early Life: - Steve Wallis was born on 10 September 1981 in Vancouver. He lived in an RV in Victoria as a young boy for a time. Reflecting on this time in his life, he stated that the arrangement (which he called "bonding") was made out of necessity rather than choice.

Career: - When Steve Wallis first came to YouTube, he assumed it was a platform for posting viral prank videos. Posting a video of himself camping in -32°C weather and seeing the overwhelming response in the comments, he decided to focus on creating that type of content. Since its inception on April 19, 2010, his YouTube channel has focused on non-traditional camping styles

Net Worth Of Steve Wallis

His net worth is $2 million dollars.

Steve Wallis Parents & Siblings

As per the information, marital status Steve Wallis is a widower. His parents' names are not mentioned. The name of his siblings is not mentioned if you want to see some information or their social media accounts then it is given below. 

Steve Wallis Wife

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FAQ About Steve Wallis

Q.1 Who is Steve Wallis?

Ans. Steven Wallis is a famous Canadian YouTuber.

Q.2 How old is Steve Wallis?

Ans. He is 41 years old.

Q.3 What is Steve Wallis's Net worth?

Ans. His net worth is $2 million dollars.

Q.4 What is his real name?

Ans. His real name is Steve Wallis.

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