Queen Mother Died! Sylvia Syms Death, Daughter, Films, Spouse, Age, Interview, Net Worth

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The Queen Mother of the British biographical drama film, Sylvia Syms death news came straight from London, and soon, within hours the fans of the British actor who was most famous for two Sylvia Syms films, which were Ice Cold in Alex (1958) and Victim (1961), rushed towards their devices to cross-check over the internet that if the news about Sylvia Syms death is true or not. So, we are here to give you each and every detail about Sylvia Syms death along with telling you about Sylvia Syms cause of death, Sylvia Syms place of death, and other details. This blog will also provide you with details like who is Sylvia Syms daughter, who was Sylvia Syms spouse, the most iconic Sylvia Syms films, and especially Sylvia Syms interview which you will find very interesting to know about, so read this blog till the end.

Queen Mother Died! - Sylvia Syms Death

On Friday, 27 January 2023, English actress Sylvia Syms took her last breath at Denville Hall, London, which is a care home for people who are part of the entertainment industry. The news about Sylvia Syms death was confirmed by her family in a statement which was given by them to the PA, it also stated that Sylvia Syms daughter and her son also told about Sylvia Syms cause of death, which was a natural death as the British actor died peacefully in her sleep in the morning time, and they also gave a beautiful Sylvia Syms obituary to the press in which they talked that their mother lived an amazing life right till the end and brought them joy, only a day before Sylvia Syms death, the family was recapturing the adventures they had together over the years, and lastly, she will be missed forever. So, these were all the details about Sylvia Syms death, may her soul rest in Peace. Now continue reading this blog to know about Sylvia Syms daughter and Sylvia Syms spouse along with Sylvia Syms interview, and more about her life.

Sylvia Syms Death

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Who is Sylvia Syms’s Daughter? - Sylvia Syms Daughter

The English actress who was working in the industry until 2019 was a gem, but do not take Sylvia Syms daughter lightly, like her mother she is also an English television actress, and name of Sylvia Syms daughter is Beatie Edney. She came to the audience's attention in the 1986 film Highlander as “Heather MacLeod”, and returned to the role again in “Highlander: Endgame (2000)”, and had done many successful British television dramas. To know about more personalities visit the Biography section through the link later. So, apart from Sylvia Syms daughter, other members of her family include Sylvia Syms's son named Benjamin Edney.

Who was Sylvia Syms's spouse? The name of English actress Sylvia Syms spouse was Alan Edney, we wrote “was” because the couple was only married from 1956 to 1989, although it is believed that they were high school lovers they divorced, and about their children, we have already discussed. Now, talking about Sylvia Syms’s parents, her father's name was Edwin Syms, a trade unionist, and civil servant. Her mother's name was Daisy Hale, she was a housewife and there are no records of Sylvia Symsr's siblings. Above you can see a picture of Sylvia Syms spouse along with Sylvia Syms daughter and son, now continue reading about Sylvia Syms interview, Sylvia Syms age, Sylvia Syms net worth, and Sylvia Syms films.

Sylvia Syms Death, Daughter, Films, Spouse, Age, Interview, Net Worth, Wikipedia


Sylvia Syms

Full Name

Sylvia May Laura Syms

Years Active



English Actress


My Teenage Daughter (1954)

Marital Status

Single (At the time of her death)

Ex-Spouse Name

Alan Edney (m. 1956 - 1989)


Beatie Edney (Daughter)

Benjamin Edney (Son)


89 years old (At the time of her death)

Date of Birth

6 January 1934

Birth Place

Woolwich, London, United Kingdom

Date of Death

27 January 2023

Place of Death

Denville Hall, Northwood, United Kingdom

Cause of Death

Natural Death (Died peacefully in sleep)

Father & Mother Name

Edwin Syms (Father)

Daisy Hale (Mother)




The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art


Not attended


High School Graduate


5′ 6″


57 kg approx (At the time of her death)



Eye Color

Blue Color

Hair Color

Black Brown Color









Source Of Income

British Entertainment Industry

Net Worth

$145 Million



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Sylvia Syms Interview

If you were eagerly waiting to read about Sylvia Syms interview and to know about what was so special, then let us tell you that English actress Sylvia Syms did many interviews with multiple television presenters in the industry but in one of her last interviews she recalled a scene of “Beer-Drinking” from some film, and the funny thing is that people searched the internet for Sylvia Syms interview to see if there are any videos of her drinking any alcoholic beverage over the set.

Who was Sylvia Syms? - Sylvia Syms Wikipedia

Sylvia Syms was an English actress who was born on 06 January 1934 in Woolwich, London, United Kingdom, and she grew up in Well Hall, Eltham, London. She was known for Sylvia Syms films like Woman in a Dressing Gown (1957), No Trees in the Street (1959), and The Tamarind Seed (1974), prior to Sylvia Syms death she acted until 2019 and in 2006 movie The Queen she portrayed the role of Queen Mother, which is why we titled this blog “Queen Mother Died! Sylvia Syms Death”. Sylvia Syms got educated at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Rada), and her major role in the film My Teenage Daughter (1956), which was also her second, helped her emerge as an actor during the decade from 1956 to 1966 which was also the time when British cinema was changing. You can now read about Sylvia Syms age at the time of her death and also know what was Sylvia Syms net worth.

Sylvia Syms Death

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What was Sylvia Syms's age? - Sylvia Syms Age

At the time of her death, Sylvia Syms age was 89 years old.

What was Sylvia Syms's height? - Sylvia Syms Height

The English actress Sylvia Syms height was 5 feet and 6 inches tall and she carried a very charismatic personality.

What was Sylvia Syms's Net Worth? - Sylvia Syms Net Worth

The net worth of Sylvia Syms at the time of her death was estimated at $145 million. If you want to see her social media accounts, then the links are given below.

Social Media Accounts of Sylvia Syms


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FAQs About Sylvia Syms

Q.1 Who was Sylvia Syms?

Ans. Sylvia Syms was an English actress.

Q.2 How old was Sylvia Syms?

Ans. Sylvia Syms age was 89 years old.

Q.3 What was Sylvia Syms Net Worth?

Ans. Sylvia Syms’s estimated net worth was $145 million at the time of her death.

Q.4 What was her Real Name?

Ans. Her Real Name was Sylvia May Laura Syms.

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