The Last Of Us Stars New TV Role Is A Surprising 180 After The HBO Shows Massive Success

18 Nov, 2023 Last Update 6 months ago

Bella Ramsey's portrayal in Time is a stark contrast to her character in her new TV series, The Last of Us, showcasing her range as an actor. Even though The Last of Us is incredibly popular, Ramsey's next project, Time, is more intimate and has a smaller audience, giving him more freedom to experiment with different styles and techniques. Time has given Ramsey a serious, darker character in Kelsey, which will be a welcome surprise for viewers who have seen her as Ellie.

Bella Ramsey, who starred in The Last of Us, achieved massive success and praise, but her new TV role doesn't take any cues from Elle. The popular video game, which is based on the story of two friends who are thrown together by fate during a zombie apocalypse in hopes of discovering a cure that can heal the planet, has the actor making its debut in early 2023. Provided a big break. Even though season 1 of The Last of Us had many good moments, it is believed that Ramsey's involvement played a significant role in the show's success.

Bella Ramsey Time character

When the drama debuted in early 2023, it was highly successful, and both lead actors received rave reviews for their powerful and poignant performances. This was Ramsey's first major project, other than his supporting role in Game of Thrones. The actor was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award along with his co-star Pedro Pascal. Although his portrayal of Ramsey in The Last of Us may have suggested that more parts along these lines are in store, his upcoming effort is so different that it may come as a shock to fans.

Bella Ramsey's Time character differs dramatically from 'The Last of Us' Ellie.

Starring Stephen Graham and Sean Bean, Time is a British drama anthology that debuted in 2021. In Season 2, Bella Ramsey plays the lead character Kelsey, a drug-addicted pregnant woman who is set to begin her sentence in a women's prison. Kelsey is fundamentally different from Ellie, who is a naive and innocent heroine trapped in a terrible situation based solely on character. But in reality, this important change will greatly benefit the actor's career.

Moving straight from an internationally successful play like The Last of Us to a play much smaller in scale and audience is undoubtedly in line with Ramsey's risk-taking attitude towards his work, which is always dependent on interpretation. Ramsey is also showcasing his versatility as an actor and avoiding being stuck in any one formula by taking on such a distinctive character. Similar to Ellie, Kelsey is a very interesting and multidimensional character who provides Ramsey with a lot of material and touching moments to work with.