Uproar over woman's kurti in Pakistan

29 Feb, 2024 Last Update 4 months ago

There was outrage in Lahore, Pakistan, over a woman's outfit. Actually, certain Quranic verses were inscribed on a woman's kurti, which made some people quite unhappy. People encircled the woman on all sides in the hotel. Thankfully, the cops arrived and took care of the situation. The footage of the event has gone popular on social media.

People were outraged after witnessing a woman's kurta in Lahore, Pakistan. After witnessing the woman's clothing, people grew outraged and she was arrested.

Police handled the case

The footage of the event has also gone popular on social media. Pakistan Police reported that the woman went shopping with her husband. The enraged throng demanded that the woman remove her kurti. Thankfully, Punjab Police arrived and attempted to quell the scene.

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A woman in Pakistan has been threatened with execution for wearing an Arabic-language digital print blouse. The outfit is from Saudi Arabia's Ramadan collection and does not include any Quran passages, although most Pakistanis are unable to read Arabic.

ASP is being praised

The cops first separated the woman from the crowd. In the viral video, the police officer removes the woman from the throng. At the same time, ASP is receiving kudos on social media for attempting to calm the crowd and preventing the situation from spiraling out of control.

Chaos over woman's kurti

One user stated that a deadly event was avoided in Lahore. If the ASP had not intervened, the woman would have been killed in the name of religion. The woman was accused of having Arabic phrases scribbled on her kurta.

Many people claim that a Quranic text was scribbled on the woman's kurti. At the same time, several people claimed that the words printed on the woman's kurti meant 'lovely'. It's a basic Arabic term.

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