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16 Jul, 2021 Last Update 1 year ago

Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

Gender equality:-Gender equality means when all gender has same rights. it does not depend on the girl or boy.

In India mostly people are affected by gender inequality. Some inequality is caste inequality, gender inequality, etc, It has a direct impact on all ages and backgrounds. save daughters foundation in a place of all equality. we treat men and women equally.

It is very important and necessary to provide the same equal rights to both men and women. Gender equality is the right of every human. The Value of gender equality is safer and healthier.

our main aim is to provide is to live in a safe and equal society, Have equal rights, treated respectfully.

Is gender inequality an effect??

Yes, gender inequality affects and everyone including men also.

some of the effects found in children are boys receive more pocket money from girls and it affects their sense of self from a young age.

Gender inequality affects young people this includes their behavior, ambitions, and attitude. girls don't show interest in sports and other activities.

girls are not taking subjects like maths because the mentality of most people is girls cannot easily clear maths and do not have the capability.

What are the benefits of gender equlaity??

•       Gender equality makes our society healthier and happier.

•       Gender equlaity prevents girls amd women from voilance.

•       it is better for economic growth because when men and women both earn money so economic growth also increases.

•       Mostly women do unpaid work as compare to paid work.

•       This is a human right of every girl.

Women empowerment - Savedaughters foundation

Women empowerment through the save daughters foundation helps women to take self-decision and rights to take part in each and everything. There is no gender inequality.

women can protect themselves. female empowerment is a key to achieving a more peaceful, prosperous world.

There are some of the principles of women empowerment which are as follows:-

•       Principle 1: Create a high-level meeting for gender equality

•       Principle 2: Treat all people as the same in work, respecting and supporting non-discrimination and human rights

•       Principle 3: Provide the health, wellbeing, and safety of all workers, whether male or female

•       Principle 4: Promote education, training, and professional development for women

•       Principle 5: Maintain a supply chain and  Implementthat chain, marketing practices, and enterprise development that empower women

•       Principle 6: started Champion equality through save daughters foundation

•       Principle 7: Measure and maintain a report on gender equality

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