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08 Jul, 2021 Last Update 1 year ago

What is Women empowerment??

Women empowerment means motivate women to become independent, they have the right to make decisions and influence social change for themselves and others.

A woman has also the right to achieving a more peaceful, prosperous world.

Women empowerment means accepting the women thinking and make her strongest and independent. there are many things that we make women independent are raising the status of women through education, awareness, literacy, and training.

There are two types of women empowerment:-

•          Women Economic Empowerment

•          Women Social Empowerment

Women’s economic empowerment

Women’s economic empowerment is right to increase their economic resources and power to take self-dependent that gives benefit themselves, their families, and their communities. Savedaughters help poor women and ensure women access affordable financial services from our foundation.

we build better livelihoods for women and women can earn more income, and create businesses that provide jobs and boost local economies.

Women social Empowerment

Women's Social empowerment means the process of developing a sense of autonomy and self-confidence, and acting individually and collectively to change social relationships and the institutions and discourses that exclude poor people and keep them in poverty.

we organize programs in which Women receive cash, learn vocational skills, and create business associations and savings groups. we create these programs to make women empower themselves, we need to do more. Because we work with the absolutely most marginalized women – we organize this program for women who experience extreme gender discrimination, poverty and have suffered from conflict and violence. We provide education to women and provide better care of their bodies, their health and well-being – and that of their families. Our social empowerment program allows women to address the multi-faceted needs of women survivors of war. don't think you are alone. save daughters foundation is always ready to help you.we are the best women empowerment foundation.

We do lots of programs in each year for women. Contact us anytime.

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