Valentine Week Special - Love Beyond Country’s Border - Bangladeshi Woman Swims To India

08 Feb, 2023 Last Update 1 year ago

Today we are going to tell you a love story as Valentine's week has just started, many of you might have read about the news of the Bangladeshi woman who swam 22 miles across a river to enter the Indian borders as she wanted to meet her lover as it is heavily trending on the social media platform Instagram and if not you can read all about it now in this blog. Although the incident happened last year in 2022 around the month end of May, we are discussing it today because of two reasons, one is to appreciate the power of love which sees no boundaries whether they are between two neighboring nations and the second is that we are going to give detailed biographic information about the couple as our we are experts in researching the accurate information for you along with related details on the news “Bangladeshi Woman Swims To India” like did the couple married each other, did any arrest took place or the couple wandered off, and where are the couple are residing at present, are they together or have been separated due to nations boundary, etc., so read this blog till the end.

Bangladeshi Woman Swims To India

Bangladeshi Woman Swims To India

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The story goes like this, a 22-year-old Bangladeshi woman swims to India, the reason was that she wanted to marry her lover who belongs from India, the name of the woman was identified as Krishna Mandal and the name of her boyfriend is Abhik Mandal. Krishna Mandal started her journey after making her way through the Sunderbans where in between she crossed paths with wild animals as it is the home to the Royal Bengal Tigers of the Sunderbans, in the end, she reached a river in which she dive and swam for almost an hour and 21-22 miles approximately to come across the Indian border. The love story of this amazing couple began through the social media platform Facebook, they met over the social media networking website and fell in love with each other, and this is where Krishna Mandal decided that she will make her name famous by making the headlines “Bangladeshi woman swims to India” as she wanted to marry her lover and did not have any passport to officially cross the border. To know further details like where the couple reunited after the Bangladeshi woman swims to India and did they married, what happened next, and along with biographic details of the couple that we have dug out for you.

Where did Krishna Mandal and Abhik Mandal reunite?

After a valiant and brave effort by Krishna Mandal to meet her lover in India as she swam straight for one hour in the river without any swimming equipment to pass the furious tides in the river and just wearing a traditional “Saree” she reunited with Abhik Mandal in a village named Kaikhali which is located in Kultali subdivision of South Twenty Four Parganas district in West Bengal, India. The couple was full of joy when they reunited with each other and after meeting with each other they went to Kolkata, India, and what happened next there is very interesting to know about, so read this blog till the end.

Bangladeshi Woman Swims To India

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Did Krishna Mandal and Abhik Mandal got married?

Now, the answer to the big question that many of you lovers out there who are reading this really wanted to know, so did Krishna Mandal and Abhik Mandal got married, the answer is “Yes”, soon after the 22-year-old Bangladeshi woman swims to India and reunited with her lover at Kaikhali village, West Bengal, India, they came to Kolkata and by the blessings of the god they exchanged the holy vows in between them at the Kalighat Temple in Kolkata, India. The Kalighat temple in Kolkata is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali, It is one of the Shakti Peethas according to Hindu mythology which gives power and this brave couple showed the world the power of love without any boundaries as well as trust in each other. So was this the happy ending, or there is more drama in the story, continue reading to know more details.

Bangladeshi Woman Swims To India

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What happened after Krishna Mandal and Abhik Mandal got married?

Well, after the couple got married to each other at the Kalighat Temple in Kolkata, and reached the peak of their love story, the border police officials already informed the local police about 22-year-old Krishna Mandal's illegal entry into the country, and a few days after the marriage, Krishna Mandal was arrested and faced the charges of illegal entry in the country. Later, she was handed over to the Bangladesh High Commission and what charges they put on her are not known to anyone till now.

What Indian government approved after her arrest?

As Krishna Mandal and Abhik Mandal got married and they were not minors their marriage cannot be voided by any court until they both want, and from some internal sources we got to know that the Indian government allowed Krishna Mandal to visit India legally once she is able to get hands-on to a legal passport and can meet her husband Abhik Mandal. We hope that the couple meets soon legally with each other, and this was not the first time that someone from Bangladesh entered India illegally as earlier a Bangladeshi boy entered illegally into India just to buy chocolate, his name was Eman Hossain.

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FAQs About Bangladeshi Woman Swims To India

Q.1 Who is Krishna Mandal?

Ans. Krishna Mandal is a woman who swam a river to cross the Indian border to meet her lover.

Q.2 Who is Abhik Mandal?

Ans. Abhik Mandal is the boy from India for whom Krishna Mandal entered the Indian border.

Q.3 Where did the couple got married?

Ans. The couple got married at Kalighat Temple in Kolkata, India.

Q.4 How old is Krishna Mandal?

Ans. Krishna Mandal is 22 years old.

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