Corona Virus New Variant in India | News, Updates, Precautions

21 Dec, 2022 Last Update 11 months ago

Once again as the holiday season is at its peak the COVID-19 virus is once again ringing bells in the ears of many as China is dealing with increases in the number of new Covid-19 cases soon after the Chinese government lifted nearly three years of lockdowns a month before. We will provide you with all the details on the news related to the new variant of the novel coronavirus along with helping out what are the related causes behind the spike and what the Indian government is planning to deal with this Pandemic situation.

Is the New Variant of Corona Behind the Spike in Cases?

Everybody around the world is wondering why after the lockdown has been lifted in China there is an instant rise in Covid-19 cases, is it because of a new variant of the novel coronavirus or the health management authorities not being able to cope with the situation in China? At present, it is very hard to find any answers and it is feared that we all will enter another year with Covid roaming around among us. If you want to find out more details on COVID-19 latest news, new variant of coronavirus, coronavirus new wave, and the actions taken by the Indian government then read this article till the end.

Corona Virus New Variant in India

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What suggestions are given by health officials for Coronavirus new variant in India?

The news from China about the third wave of the coronavirus new variant has alerted the Indian government along with authorities related to health and medicine and here are some precautions that were suggested by them to keep the public safe from another Pandemic situation.

  • WHO in India warned for the winter months to be safe from viral infections and urged the citizens to complete their vaccinations.
  • Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals, Dr. Sangita Reddy advised restricting travel to and from China so that 2023 must not become a recap of 2019.
  • Many renowned names from the Indian health sector also cautioned the government to act swiftly on policy regarding air travel to and from China.
  • Health officials and experts also stated that the coronavirus new variant in India would be dangerous for those with weakened immunity.
  • Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya will be holding a meeting with senior officials and experts on the Covid-19 situation in India amid new coronavirus variant wave.

Corona Virus New Variant in India

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How can we deal with rising COVID-19 Cases?

Well, the situation in 2019 was quite different when the novel coronavirus first occurred in everyone's lives as it was a mystery virus whose scale of infection was not understood by the scientists and doctors at that particular time. But, now covid new variant can be dealt with with complete precaution because covid new variant cases in India can come up anytime without any alarm. This time scientists and doctors are not needed to spend their time on how the virus is transmitted unlike in 2019, and they also know how to best combat with covid new variant when it strikes as they are prepared. However, the only drawback is that just like in 2019, nobody has any complete picture of what is going on in China in regard to the coronavirus new variant at present.

Common FAQs

Q.1 What is the total of COVID cases in India?

Ans. Till today the total number of COVID-19 cases in India is 4.47 Cr.

Q.2 What is the total number of deaths from COVID in India?

Ans. Till today the total number of deaths from COVID-19 in India is 5.31 Lakhs.

Q.3 What is the number of new cases of COVID in India?

Ans. As of today, the total number of new covid cases reported in India is 132.

Q.4 What are the new updates on covid in India?

Ans. WHO and other health officials are giving suggestions to the government on precautionary measures to be taken to avoid a Pandemic situation like 2019 as the news of a spike in new cases through the coronavirus new variant is coming straight from China after the lockdown was lifted.

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