Everything Great about Cobra Kai on Netflix

04 Dec, 2023 Last Update 7 months ago

Everything Great about Cobra Kai on Netflix: - You would probably agree with us when we say that all of us have grown up watching The Karate Kid, the one with Ralph Macchio in the 80s and not the Jaden Smith one. For all you 80s babies who remember the movie, you must be aware of the hit sensation spin-off show Cobra Kai.

Plus point is, that is available to watch on Netflix, provided that you have a superfast internet connection such as the likes of Spectrum and to top it off, Spectrum TV that gives you access to multiple other channels and streaming services.

Today, however, we will be talking entirely about Cobra Kai, what makes it such a brilliant show, and all the deets a Cobra Kai fan must know. So make sure that you read all the way to the end of the article so that you would know that Cobra Kai never dies!

  1. The Beautiful Nostalgia

One of the best things about Cobra Kai is the fact that it comes packed with nostalgia, especially for people born in the 80s and in the 90s who grew up watching the original Cobra Kai trilogy. The best aspect about the show is that nearly all of the old cast makes a return in the show, with the exception of Mr. Miyagi since he has unfortunately passed away.

The characters that return include Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence, Sensei Kreese, Terry Silver, Chozen, Kumiko, and Ali. The most nostalgic thing about the show is that you get to see all your favorite characters after all these years and even though they have gotten a lot older than before, they still do complete justice to their characters with the addition of all the new kids.

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  1. Daniel and Johnny Finally Start Seeing Eye to Eye

One of the major themes of the first ever Karate Kid movie was the ongoing feud between Daniel and Johnny because of how much Johnny used to bully Daniel.

However, Cobra Kai also sheds light on Johnny’s side of the story and how he wasn’t exactly as villainous as everyone thought of him to be. Initially, Johnny and Daniel still have a rivalry going on in the show as well but eventually, they find common enemies and decide to join forces with each other.


This came as a relief to everyone and many of us were shocked to see it as well because Johnny and Daniel’s feud looks like the kind that would have gone on for a lifetime. We were really excited to see how Johnny and Daniel have now put their differences aside and have decided to join forces to fight a greater evil.

  1. The Action Sequences are Out of this World

Another amazing thing about the show is the intriguing action sequences that take place throughout the entire show. In nearly every episode, there is a fight going on between two or more characters. At first, the fights are between Daniel and Johnny’s own students and their rivalry due to a difference in opinion but then all the students start working together when Cobra Kai is taken over by Kreese and Silver.

So, in the end, it is “fight to defend yourself” vs “strike first, strike hard, no mercy”. Now we will have to wait for the sixth and final season to see who emerges victorious out of both of them.

  1. The Characters Get the Chance to Grow

Nearly every character in the show has the chance to grow, usually in the case that they start off as someone who is enraged with vengeance and shows no mercy to the point where they realize that they are being problematic and eventually find their way around things. These characters include Miguel, Hawk, and Tori as they start by joining Cobra Kai and become vengeful but then they shift to Miyagi-Do and learn what real karate is about.

It is actually quite wonderful to see how well all of the characters grow and this also includes Johnny’s own son Robby as well who starts off as a troubled teen and then learns that it is a much better option to be calm about things and resolve them peacefully.

Not only do the characters get the chance to grow but also so do the audience where they learn that there are a lot of other ways to resolve a conflict and how violence should be the last option.

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  1. The idea that John Kreese is Still Hell-Bent on Revenge

Ever since the first trilogy of The Karate Kid, it was evident that John Kreese always had a spiteful attitude towards Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi, and how he always wanted revenge on how he was humiliated after the tournament in the first movie.


However, it is revealed in the show that John Kreese still wants revenge on Daniel and he would stop at nothing from letting that happen. He pulls out all his cards and this goes on to show how far a villain can go to make the life of someone miserable. The only resolution that we can see will be in the next season and we can finally see how the story will pan out.

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Wrapping Up

These were some of the many reasons why Cobra Kai is one of the best TV shows ever made and how we can’t wait for the next season to drop for the perfect ending to the Karate Kid story arc.

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