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Today we will tell you about Gloria Gaynor accident that happened years ago, the reason for this is that Gloria Gaynor songs have forced her fans from all around the world to search the internet about Gloria Gaynor accident to know what happened to their singer years back along with what consequences she faced from the accident and how she recovered back from the accident. But first, let us give you a brief about Gloria Gaynor, so she is an American singer who is best known for the disco era hits I Will Survive (1978), Let Me Know (I Have a Right) (1979), I Am What I Am (1983), and her version of Never Can Say Goodbye (1974), details about Gloria Gaynor songs is given later in this blog along with details about Gloria Gaynor net worth and Gloria Gaynor age. If you want complete information, then read this blog till the end.

Who is Gloria Gaynor?

Gloria Gaynor is an American singer, she was a singer with a jazz and R&B music band around the 1960s, her real success came in 1973 when she signed to Columbia Records, and in 1984 with the release of her album, I Am Gloria Gaynor, she achieved success with the song "I Am What I Am" that was a hit at dance clubs. Gloria Gaynor was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Music by Dowling College on 16 May 2015, she won her second Grammy Award of her career in January 2020 after 40 years of receiving the first for her album Testimony. Now, without wasting much of your time let us tell you all about Gloria Gaynor accident.

What happened in Gloria Gaynor's Accident? - Gloria Gaynor Accident

Gloria Gaynor Accident

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So the story of Gloria Gaynor accident is from the year 1978, the American singer was in an onstage performance where she was dancing and fell backward over a monitor, the Gloria Gaynor accident was so horrific that it caused her a traumatic spine injury, and as a result, she became immobilized from the waist down. According to her when she woke up in the hospital after the Gloria Gaynor accident, she was paralyzed completely below her waist, though she walked again after surgery, and made an amazing comeback with one of the best Gloria Gaynor songs which was a hit single “I Will Survive” in 1978 to shut the mouth of those who said her career was over. In 1997 she underwent surgery to fix her spinal cord in a better way, but in return, she suffered from chronic pain while sleeping and doing other activities, and in 2017 the pain grew so much that she decided to get rid of it and for this, she reached to doctor Hooman M. Melamed who is a board-certified spine surgeon in Los Angeles, he suggested a rare operation that required breaking and reconstructing her spine. In 2018 the operation was done in two procedures and now the Disco legend is completely free from the pain caused by the Gloria Gaynor accident. If you want to know about Gloria Gaynor age, then keep on reading.

What is Gloria Gaynor's Age? - Gloria Gaynor Age

As of 2023, the American singer Gloria Gaynor age is 79 years old. What is Gloria Gaynor? Gloria Gaynor height is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and she carries a very charming body personality. If you want to know about Gloria Gaynor net worth and Gloria Gaynor songs, then read this blog till the end.

Gloria Gaynor Accident, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age, Songs, Husband, Parents, Children


Gloria Gaynor

Full Name

Gloria Gaynor


American Singer







Marital Status


Ex-Husband Name

Linwood Simon (m. 1979 - 2005)




79 years old


5′ 7″




No information

Eye Color

Brown Color

Hair Color

Dark Brown Color

Date of Birth

7 September 1943

Birth Place

Newark, New Jersey, United States






South Side High School


Not attended


High School Graduate

Father & Mother Name

Daniel Fowles (Father)

Queenie Mae Proctor (Mother)


5 Brothers (Arthur Gaynor - Name of 1 Brother)

Irma Proctor (Sister)

Source Of Income

American Entertainment Industry

Net Worth

$20 million



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Gloria Gaynor Songs

Talking about the American singer Gloria Gaynor songs, two are very famous among her fans because they are searched over the internet widely, Gloria Gaynor I will survive lyrics and Gloria Gaynor I am what I am lyrics. Apart from these, there are many songs that have topped different disco charts over different eras and made Gloria Gaynor songs a great success over the years in the American music industry.

Gloria Gaynor - Wikipedia

Gloria Gaynor was born on 7 September 1943 in Newark, New Jersey, United States, she attended South Side High School and graduated from there in 1961. She began singing in a night club and after performing at local clubs for several years, in 1971 she began her recording career at Columbia Records. In 2001 she performed "I Will Survive", the single which she released after Gloria Gaynor accident at the 30th Anniversary concert for Michael Jackson, she also returned to the recording studio in 2002 to release her first album in over 15 years, the name of the album was I Wish You Love. Now talking about Gloria Gaynor husband, she married her manager Linwood Simon in 1979 and they divorced in 2005, she has no children, but she always wanted children whereas on the other hand, her ex-husband never desired any.

Gloria Gaynor Accident

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Gloria Gaynor Parents and Siblings

The details about Gloria Gaynor's parents are as follows, her father's name is Daniel Fowles, he sang professionally in nightclubs, and her mother's name is Queenie Mae Proctor. Gloria Gaynor's siblings are her five brothers, among them one is named Arthur Gaynor, he acted as a tour manager for her sister, and she also has one sibling sister named Irma Proctor.

What is Gloria Gaynor's Net Worth? - Gloria Gaynor Net Worth

The net worth of Gloria Gaynor is estimated at $20 million for the year 2023. If you want to see some more information or their social media accounts, then it is given below.

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FAQs About Gloria Gaynor

Q.1 Who is Gloria Gaynor?

Ans. Gloria Gaynor is an American singer.

Q.2 How old is Gloria Gaynor?

Ans. Gloria Gaynor age is 79 years old.

Q.3 What is Gloria Gaynor Net worth?

Ans. Gloria Gaynor’s estimated net worth is $20 million for the year 2023.

Q.4 What is her Real Name?

Ans. Her Real Name is Gloria Gaynor.

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