Jan Kalyan Yojana 2021: Bharat Jan Kalyan Yojana Registration, Apply Online and Updates

25 Oct, 2021 Last Update 1 year ago

Jan Kalyan Yojana

The government is constantly trying to reduce the unemployment rate  in the all state of India. The government runs several themes to reduce the unemployment rate. Today we will provide you information related to one such scheme of Madhya Pradesh, whose name is Republic of India Gregorian calendar month welfare scheme.

Through this scheme, Jan Kalyan Yojana are being opened, under which food will be available in the market at reasonable prices.

By reading this lesson you can get all the important information related to this scheme. For example, what is Bharat Jan Kalyan Yojana?, its benefits, objectives, eligibility, features, important documents, application method etc.

Thus friends, if you want to request all the important data related to this plan, then you are requested to browse our article till the end.

Jan Kalyan Yojana 2021 - Savedaughters

Bharat Jan Kalyan Yojana has been launched by the Govt. Through which ration and food will be made available at affordable prices. Under this scheme, people will get ration items at a low price.

Due to which the people of middle class and poor class will be benefitted. Good quality food and ration will be made available at these Jan Kalyan Yojana.

Bharat Jan Kalyan Yojana has been commenced with the aid of using the authorities to boom employment opportunities in 2021. This Jan Kalyan Scheme has been started in lots of districts of Madhya Pradesh, India.

A director and 2 people will be appointed at each public facility. In this way 3 people will get jobs in each centre.

Jan Kalyan Yojana 2021 : Special Features

Yojana Name

Bharat Jan Kalyan Yojna



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Madhya Pradesh

Goods Available in Bharat Jan Kalyan Yojana 2021

  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • surf laundry
  • Tea leaf
  • Sugar
  • refined oil
  • Toothbrush
  • Sunlight
  • Salt
  • Cold Cream
  • wash face
  • Shampoo
  • toilet cleaner
  • Phenyl,
  • Chaat masala
  • Chickpea flour
  • Toothpaste etc.

Jan Kalyan Yojana Available Products

Product name per kg & gm

Sugar 5 kg

Refined oil 2 kg

Tea 500 g

Turmeric powder 250 gm

Red chili powder 250 gm

Coriander powder 250 gm

Cumin seeds 200 g

Masala 200 g

Garam masala 200 g

Chole & Chat masala 100 gm

Chicken or Meat masala 100 gm

Mustard oil 2 kg

Salt 2 kg

Chana dal 2 kg

Arhar dal 2 kg

Moong dal 2 kg

Moong 2 kg

Urad dal 2 kg

White urd dal 2 kg

Masri dal 2 kg

Arhar dal 2 kg

Chana besan 2 kg

Rice 20 kg

Horlicks 2 kg

Surf 2 kg

Toilet soap 5 pcs

Bath soap 5 pcs

Dettol hand wash 2 pcs

Shampoo 2 pcs

Vim bar 5pcs

Toothpaste 2 pcs

Tooth brush 5pcs

Hair oil 2 pcs

Job Profile to Open Bharat Jan Kalyan Yojana at District Level

Post 1

Post Name District Project Officer

post 1

Educational Qualification Graduation / MBA

Age 21 to 35 years

Gender M/F

Experience 2 years

Salary 18000/- (15000+3000)

at block level

Post Name Zonal Officer


Post 2

Educational Qualification Graduation / MBA

Age 21 to 35 years

Gender M/F

Experience 2 years

Salary 15000/–(12000+3000)

at panchayat level

Post Name Field Officer


Post 1 Post 2 Panchayat

Educational Qualification 12th

Age 21 to 35 years

Gender M/F

Experience 1 year

Salary 10000/-


About Jan Kalyan Yojana 2021

Jan Suvidha Kendra is a type of retail store which will open in all towns, cities and municipalities. Jan Kalyan Cards will be distributed to the beneficiaries through these centres. Through which the beneficiaries can make purchases. Jan Kalyan Kendras will have to obtain proof of residence certificate from the Gram Panchayat Mukhiya / Ward Counsellor.

Food, manure, agricultural seeds, ayurvedic products, plants etc. will be made available through these centres. Below market value to Jan Kalyan card holders.

If a beneficiary does not have a card, then he can get his Gram Pradhan Panchayat Member Card by presenting a written certificate. The standard of living of the citizens will also improve through Motor Wellbeing Centres.

Jan Kalyan Yojana Business Module Income

  • Under the Bharat Jan Kalyan Yojana, a total of 5% benefit can be obtained through Jan Kalyan Suvidha Kendra.
  • If each Jan Kalyan Kendra has 2000 cardholders and each cardholder makes purchases of Rs 2000 per month, the total selling price will be Rs 40 lakh.
  • 5% amount of Rs 40 lakh will be 2 lakh.
  • You can earn up to ₹ 200,000 per month from Jan Kalyan Kendra.

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Investment in Bharat Jan Kalyan Yojana


₹ 4000

Merchant salary

₹ 9000

Internet and electricity bill

₹ 2000

Total spending

₹ 15000

Benefits and Features of Bharat Jan Kalyan Yojana 2021

  • Under this scheme, public convenience centers will be opened.
  • Rations and food will be available at affordable prices through these Jan Suvidha Kendras.
  • Through this scheme, people will obtain ration items at low cost.
  • Through Bharat Jan Kalyan Yojana 2021, poor and middle class people will benefit.
  • Good quality food and rations will be made available at Jan Suvidha Kendras.
  • An operator and 2 people will be designated at each public facility.
  • In this way 3 people will find employment in each center.
  • Under Bharat Jan Kalyan Yojana 2021, there is a fixed discount provision on each product.
  • Under this scheme, people will have to make cards to make purchases.