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Today our blog is about the well-known chemist Mario Molina. Mario Molina is back in the limelight after Google celebrated the 80th birthday of Mexican chemist Dr. Mario Molina with a doodle. Here we provide you with all the necessary details about him, his age, his parents, his son, and Mario Molina wife. All its details are listed below.

Mario Molina Wife

Mario Molina Wife

Mario Molina Wife: - First he married Louisa Tan in 1973 and then got divorced in 2005. Again. Molina married his second wife, Guadalupe Alvarez, in February 2006. They have a son together. Keep reading this article to know more about Mario Molina Wife, his wiki, and his latest trending news.

Google Doodle Celebrates Mexican Chemist Dr. Mario Molina's 80th Birthday on March 19, 2023

Google Doodle Celebrates Mexican Chemist Dr. Mario Molina's 80th Birthday

Google celebrated Dr. Mario Molina's 80th birth anniversary with a doodle on 19 March. Dr. Mario Molina was a Mexican chemist who played a leading role in persuading governments to come together to save the planet's ozone layer. Co-recipient of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Dr. Molina was one of the researchers who uncovered how the chemical destroys Earth's ozone shield, which is vital for protecting humans, plants, and wildlife from harmful ultraviolet light.

Who Is Mario Molina? - Mario Molina Wikipedia

Mario Molina Wikipedia

Mario Molina Wikipedia: - Mario Molina was born on 19 March 1943. He played a key role in the discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole and was co-recipient of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his role in discovering the threat to Earth's ozone layer from chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) gases. He was the first scientist of Mexican descent to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and the third person of Mexican descent to receive the Nobel Prize. Molina was born in Mexico City to Roberto Molina Pasquale and Leonor Henriquez. Mario Molina attended both elementary and primary school in Mexico. However, before attending high school, Mario Molina developed a keen interest in chemistry. As a child he converted a bathroom in his home into his own little laboratory, using toy microscopes and chemistry sets. If you want to more about his personal life keep reading.

Mario Molina’s Death Date - Mario Molina’s Death Reason

He died on 7 October 2020 at his home in Mexico City. He was 77 at the time of his death. The cause of his death was a heart attack.

Mario Molina Education

Mario Molina Education: - Molina's early career involved research at various academic institutions. Molina earned a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 1965. Subsequently, Molina studied polymerization kinetics at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, West Germany. Finally, he was accepted for graduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He made his way to UC Irvine after earning his doctorate. He then returned to Mexico where he started the first chemical engineering program at his alma mater. This was only the beginning of his alchemical endeavors.

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Mario Molina Net Worth

Mario Molina Net Worth: - Mario was one of the richest chemists and was listed among the most popular chemists. According to Celebrity net worth, Mario Molina had a net worth of $5 million before his death.

Mario Molina Wife - How Many Children Does Mario Molina Have?

Mario Molina children: - Mario Molina had a son with his second wife, Guadalupe Alvarez, named Felipe. Keep reading to know about Mario Molina wife and his other details.

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Mario Molina Wife, Net Worth, Age, Biography, Family, Parents


Mario José Molina Henríquez

Full Name

Mario Molina


77 years old at the time of his death

Profession Build


Date of Birth


Birth Place


Death date


Death place

Mexico City

Marital Status


Wife Name

Luisa Tan​(m. 1973; div. 2005)​,

 Guadalupe Alvarez​(m. 2006)

Net worth

$ 5Million

Zodiac Sign (Horoscope)



Felipe Molina Tan (Son)


National Autonomous University of Mexico (BS)

University of Freiburg (MS)

The University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D.)




Mario Molina Wife - Career

Career: - Mario Molina began his studies at the University of California at Berkeley in 1968, where he earned his Ph.D. in physical chemistry. Throughout his years at Berkeley, he participated in various research projects such as the study of molecular dynamics using chemical lasers and the investigation of the distribution of internal energy in the products of chemical and photochemical reactions. After completing his Ph.D. in physical chemistry, in 1973, he enrolled in a research program at UC Berkeley with Sherwood Rowland. The subject of interest was chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

 The two would later make one of the greatest discoveries in atmospheric chemistry. On July 1, 2004, Molina joined the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California, San Diego, and the Center for Atmospheric Sciences at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. In 2020, Mario Molina contributed to research about the importance of wearing face masks amid the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. Renee Zhang, Yixin Li, Annie L. Zhang, and Yuan Wang.

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Mario Molina Age

Mario Molina Age: - Mario Molina was 77 years old at the time of his death. If you are aware of your celebrity's age then go ahead to know about Mario Molina Wife, Parents, and more.

Mario Molina's Parents

Mario Molina's Parents

Mario Molina's Parents: - His father's name was Roberto Molina-Pasquale. His father was a lawyer and diplomat who served as ambassadors to Ethiopia, Australia, and the Philippines. His mother's name was Leonor Henriquez de Molina. His mother was a family manager. With vastly different interests than his parents, Mario Molina made one of the greatest discoveries in environmental science. If you want to see some more information or their social media accounts, then it is given below.

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FAQ About Mario Molina Wife

Q.1 Who is Mario Molina?

Ans. Mario Molina was a famous chemist.

Q.2 How old was Mario Molina when he died?

Ans. Mario Molina was 77 years old at the time of his death.

Q.3 What was Mario Molina's Net Worth?

Ans. His net worth was $5 Million.

Q.4 What is his Full Name?

Ans. His full name is Mario José Molina Henríquez.

Q.5 What is Mario Molina Wife name?

Ans. Mario Molina wife's name was Guadalupe Alvarez.

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