Mukhyamantri Gramin Street Vendor Loan Scheme 2022- Objective, Benefits, Beneficiaries, registration, Eligibility, Required documents & more

30 Dec, 2021 Last Update 1 year ago
30 Dec, 2021 Last Update 1 year ago

Mukhyamantri Gramin Street Vendor Loan Scheme 2022

The Madhya Pradesh government launched a new portal for new Member of Parliament Gramin Kamgar Setu on on July 8, 2020. This portal was launched for the new Mukhyamantri Gramin Street vendor Loan scheme.

In the scheme, Govt of the State. He will provide loans of up to Rs. 10,000 without caring for street vendors in Grameen areas. Mukhyamantri Grameen Street vendor Rin Yojana was started by Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan to start new businesses of migrant workers, street vendors, redi, street vendors, rickshaw drivers, workers etc. in the rural areas of the state.

Gramin Street Vendor Loan Scheme: overview

Under this scheme, the government will provide financial assistance to all those people in the state whose work has been stopped due to Corona. Thanks to these government efforts, these people will be able to start their work again. The government will provide a loan of 10,000 rupees to the beneficiaries of the scheme within 30 days of applying to the Garmin Kamgar portal. Thanks to this, he will be able to resume his work.

Name of Scheme

Mukhyamantri Gramin Street Vendor Loan Scheme (MRSVLS)

Launched by

CM of MADHYA PRADESH Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Launched date

8 July 2020

Department Name

Panchayat and Rural Development Department, M.P.Govt.

Portal Name

Gramin Kamgar Setu Portal


Rs. 10,000 without interest from banks


State Street Vendors

Scheme under

State Govt.

Official Website

Helpline no.



Rural Street Vendor Loan Scheme: objective

Through this plan, the government hopes to re-employ those street vendors and trolleys who have completely stopped working due to the corona. We all know that due to the corona, the lockdown is very long. After that, hundreds of thousands of people had to lose their jobs. Now the government will end these people's problems through the rural street vendor loan program. The goal of the plan is to provide loans to these people through the Kamgar Portal so that they can resume their jobs and restore prosperity in the state.

Rural Street Vendor Loan Scheme: Benefits

  • The benefits of this scheme will be available to street vendors in rural Madhya Pradesh.
  • Beneficiaries receive up to 10,000 rupees from the bank to start a business.
  • The government pays the full amount under this system.
  • With the loan amount, the beneficiary can resume the business.
  • Entrepreneurship Development (EDP) training is provided to beneficiaries through the Self-employed Training Institute (Rcetti) to launch a business.
  • The beneficiary is self-sufficient and does not need to receive a loan with interest from others.
  • Whatever the beneficiary suffers from the financial crisis, this will give him the basis for improving his standard of living.
  • Their income will increase.
  • The family situation will be stronger.

Rural Street Vendor Loan Scheme: Beneficiaries

  • Barber
  • Hand jammer driver
  • Carriage Driver's Course
  • Potter
  • Bicycle and motorcycle mechanic
  • carpenter
  • Rural Craftsman
  • Weaver
  • Washing Machine
  • tailor
  • Rehari Wala . ice cream
  • fruity
  • The seller of samosas / Kachouri
  • Biscuit Bread
  • Chicken eggs
  • Tool makers

Rural Street Vendor Loan Scheme: Registration process

Step 1- Visit the official website of Mukhyamantri Rural Street Vendor Loan Program, which is

Step 2- On the home page, you see the "Register" option, you have to click on this option.

Step 3- On the next page, you need to enter your mobile number and verification code.

Step 4- After this, you must click on the option to get OTP.

Step 5- Then, you will get the OTP on your mobile number, and you must fill out an open registration form.

Step 6- On the next page, you must select the area, neighborhood, employment, etc. in the shape, and then click the submit button.

Step 7- The application form is displayed on the screen of the computer or mobile phone.

Step 8- All applicants can correctly enter all necessary details in the opened application form (including Aadhaar information, Samagam information, business information, confirmation details section).

Step 9- Click the Submit button to finally submit the application.

Rural Street Vendor Loan Scheme: Eligibility criteria

  • It must be a permanent resident of the state of Madhya Pradesh.
  • It must be a street vendor.
  • The age of the applicant must be between 18 and 55 years.
  • People of any class can apply as there is no link to social class.
  • The applicant for any qualified academic qualification.
  • The applicant must be from rural areas.

Rural Street Vendor Loan Scheme: Required documents

  • Applicant’s Aadhar Card
  • Residence certificate
  • Bank account passbook
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photo

Rural Street Vendor Loan Scheme: Helpline

Helpline Number: 0755-2700800

Chief Minister Helpline Number: 181


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