Pakistani TikTok Star Aliza Seher in Tears After Private Video Leaks

06 Nov, 2023 Last Update 6 months ago

Aliza Seher Video Viral: - Pakistani TikTok celebrity Aliza Seher became the center of social media debate when a personal video of hers went viral and gained a lot of attention. She cried while speaking on the issue of the leaked film and expressed regret that the accused were not charged. This is in response to a Punjabi "Kulhad Pizza" duet video that went viral online in September. In the video, she was reportedly in an objectionable position. The couple reported the footage to the police, claiming it was fake.

Who is Aliza Seher?

Aliza Seher Wikipedia: - Pakistani online celebrity Aliza Sahar describes herself as "an ordinary girl from a small village in Punjab". Since 2017, she has been making videos about her rural lifestyle. She often shares vlogs on cooking, cleaning, farming, and the environment. She has 1.4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and some of her videos have received over 14 million views. Ms Sahar has more than four lakh Instagram followers.

Pakistani TikTok Star Aliza Seher in Tears After Private Video Leaks

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Aliza Seher Controversy

Aliza Seher Controversy: - According to tribuneindia, Aliza Seher is facing repercussions after a private video goes viral online and sparks a touching reaction from the social media star.

Aliza Seher, a Pakistani TikTok sensation, was the focus of intense social media attention after a private video of hers went viral and sparked a lot of discussion. This episode is reminiscent of the recent experience of Gurpreet and Sahaj from "Kulhad Pizza," who encountered a like circumstance.

Aliza Seher was forced to face the difficult conditions head-on as a result of the video's quick distribution across numerous social media sites. She breaks down in a touching video message, talking about her current circumstances and releasing her emotions.

"The person in Qatar is the one who is accountable for the video I posted going viral," Seher said in her tearful speech. I've contacted the cybercrime department for assistance, but nothing has been done about this individual. I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who has helped and supported me. Everyone can see that I work really hard and am quite dedicated. I suffered threats even when I first started my YouTube channel, but I persisted in working and am now where I am thanks to my family's steadfast support.

Over 100,000 people have watched the video since it was released, and many people have come together to support her during this difficult time.

Following an investigation, it was revealed that the person Aliza Seher had mentioned was indeed the same. This individual acknowledged having changed the video, but she denied being involved in its distribution.

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For those who don't know, Aliza Seher is quite well-liked in Pakistan. She is well-known for sharing relatable information from her everyday life with her fans.

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