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Give Education To 100 Children

For many Children in India, school is just a dream.

The girl is the best creation of God. We must take steps towards saving the girl child. The girls become a mother, a woman who shapes the destiny of civilization. The girls are the creation from God who faces various concerns for humanity.

What Child Says About Us

Appealing people to save the girl child, We burn effigies of Ravan, who took away Goddess Sita, every year and the tradition will continue. We should also protect the Sita of our home by stop discriminating between a girl and a boy. How many Sitas we kill in the womb?...We should celebrate more when a girl child is born. Acknowledging the feat achieved by sportswomen at Olympics, Modi said, "At the Rio Olympics, our daughters made the country proud. Women of the 21st century should get justice.

Our motherland India is growing at a rapid pace in various fields. We have people from all age group, males and the females both are contributing a lot to the society in different sectors.